• New TCI Digital Cable Lineup (Hartford Connecticut)

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    Scott Greczkowski wrote:
    Anyone elses lineups changing?!

    Cox is planning a fall change to the lineup, but hasn't announced exactly what
    it will be.
    (Other than that they must drop Country Music Television, because TCI is dropping it from HITS and no other compatible digital feed is available.) Instead, they sent out a survey asking which five channels subscribers would most like to see added. Here are the possibilities they listed:

    Animal Planet
    Arabic Channel (ART)
    BBC America
    CBS Eye on People
    Chinese (CCTV-4)
    Discovery Health
    Discovery Wings
    ESPN News
    ESPN West
    Fox News
    Fox Sports World
    French (TV5)
    Good Life TV (Nostalgia TV)
    Italian (RAI)
    MTV Suite: 7 Channels
    Including: M2, VH1 Soul, MTVs (Spanish), VH1 Country,
    MTVx (X Generation) and VH1 Smooth
    Romance Classics
    Spanish Language Tier: Including Fox Sports Americas
    The Filipino Channel (TFC)
    Toon Disney

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    I Wonder What Agencies Created those Graphics For The Discovery Wings Channel,The Discovery Health Channel,Speedvision,The Filipino Channel,Romance Classics,VH1 Smooth Channel,MTV X Channel and Fox Sports World. What do You Think?

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