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    So, Buck Turgidson.... is that your final answer?

    Cox just announced digital cable in Northern Virginia. Any idea of what
    costs? I called them, but they don't pricing yet.

    It's $7.95 for one of their Digital packages listed below, and $10.95 for
    three. Currently in Southeast Virginia, Cox is running a special: Free installation, and the first three months are half off.

    Boston's ATT Broadband has a similar setup,only it's a buck more $8.95 for one and $11.95 for all three

    The packages they offer are as follows:

    DIGITAL MOVIE: The Encore multiplex plus some other channels.
    IFC, Sundance, Flix, Encore Love Stories, Westerns, Mysteries, Action,
    Stories, WAM, and Lifetime Movie Network.

    NO IFC or Lifetime movie network (well YET) in Boston.

    CNN/SI, Bloomberg TV, Golf Channel, International Channel, ESPNews, and TechTV.

    Golf channel and International are on ANALOG (Ch 53 for golf and 98 for International)

    MuchMusic, BET on Jazz, Ovation, Game Show Network, Toon Disney, and

    Game show Network is on Analog as well (Ch 68) though not full time :( Instead of sports/Info and Veriety ,we have FAMILY and KNOLEDGE

    FAMILY has
    Discovery Kids,Toon disney,NOGGIN,NICK GAS, Discovery People and Discovery Sceince.
    Encore WAM is also duplicated for those who do not have the movie pack.

    BBC America,History Int. Biography,TechTV,Weatherscan,Bloomberg, Trio,ESPNews,and CNNSI

    All Digital Cable subscribers get Digital Discovery and Music Choice,
    is, like, 40+ channels of music.

    Do digital discovery pack but the music and PPV go for $4.00 by itself.

    DIGITAL DISCOVERY: The Discovery Channel multiplex.
    Discovery Kids, Discovery Science, Discover Home/Leisure, Discovery Civilization, Discovery Wings.

    If you subscribe to two or more premium services (HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, TMC), you automatically get a multiplexing of the appropriate premium

    Where's STARZ?
    Here you have to get specigfic packages. The lowest is HBO and
    Starz,followed by a package that adds Cinemax or one that adds Cinemax,Showtime, AND TMC

    There are 8 HBO's (East AND West feeds of HBO, Plus, Signature, and
    Family), 4
    Cinemax's (East AND West feeds of Max and More Max), 4 Showtime's (East
    West of Showtime and SHO2), and 2 TMC's (East and West).

    Boring We get HBO plus,Signature, AND Family alongMoreMax and Starz THeatre on ANALOG!
    No west coast feeds,but we do get HBO comedy,HBO Zone,BET Movies,Starz Family,Starz cinema,THrillermax,Actionmax,showtime 2 AND #,flix,and TMC 2.

    If you subscribe to only HBO, you get four HBO's, just the East feeds of
    four HBO channels.

    And, of course, you have dozens and dozens of PPV channels.

    us too.
    I would also like to know if you're satisfied, etc. Do you need a

    Yes, you need a special digital cable box. And as for me, I'm pretty
    with the service. To be honest, aside from the movie multiplexes, the only things I watch on my digital cable is TechTV and Game Show Network.

    although I get the ATT Broadband kisses my ass package (Digital Ultra <Everything> PLUS Road runner and DIGITAL phone (2 lines even)
    I think I sepend much of my Tube time watching DVDs.

    (Yes, ladies and germs, I asked for Game Show Network to be added to GSN
    its launch in 1994. It only took them 6 years to put it on the cable.
    right, I'll be paying $11 just to get GSN every month. Why can't they just
    it on the basic cable lineup?)

    They'll be even more valuable to me once they add Noggin to the lineup.
    We have it now :)

    Let me Guess, The Movie Package Had Encore, Sundance Channel, The Mystery Channel, The True Stories Channel,The Love Stories Channel, The Westerns Channel and The Action Channel, Family Had The Discovery Science Channel,The Discovery Kids Channel, Toon
    Disney, Nickelodeon Games & Sports, The WAM! Channel, Noggin and The Discovery People Channel and What Knowledge Channels Did you had Besides The Biography Channel?

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