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    On Thursday, November 25, 1999 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-5, Richard Alger wrote:
    I have the following Fiona Cooper videos for sale at $7 each ($5 + $2
    S&H). These are "single girl" videos from England. They are in NTSC
    format. These videos are from my pesonal collection, and ARE NOT copies.
    Some of them are OOP. Catalog # have been included for those familiar
    with the Fiona Cooper video line.


    Nina #1 (Cat. #W630)
    Nina #2 (Cat. #V774)
    Jackie #1 (Cat. #W733)
    Jackie #2 (Cat. #W745)
    Jacqueline (Cat. # W476)
    Imogen #1 ( no catalog # available )
    Imogen #2 (Cat. # 430)
    Angelica (Cat. # A26)
    Vicky (Cat. # V854)
    Joni (Cat. # W750)
    Olivia (Cat. # A37)
    Lana (Cat. #W387)


    These videos are for adults. They have nudity and sexual situations I
    will need a statement of age with your order.


    A working class hero is something to be- John Lennon

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    Still have these videos?

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