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    On Wednesday, December 1, 2004 at 3:00:54 PM UTC-5, 80s Metal Fan wrote:
    For Sale In Time For The Holiday Season,Classic Holiday Specials,Tv Shows&Movies on Video,these are exclent quality.Please order in time
    befor christmas.:
    Vhs Holiday Classic's:
    Julie Andrew Christmas special 1973 Uncut,Exclent Quality-60
    The Beverly Hillbillys Christmas:3-Holiday episodes of The
    BeWitched:The Salem Vacation.2-Tape Set of this Saga Of The Salem
    "Samatha's Hot BedWarmer'Pt.1&2,The Witchs Trails,&More.=$16.00
    BeWitched Christmas Tape:4-Uncut Holiday Episodes with The Stevenson Family.-2-full hrs,exclent quality=$10.00
    Bing Crosby's Merry Olde Christmas Special 1977:David
    Bowie,Twiggy&Others-60 mins=$10.00
    Bob Hopes Christmas Special 1977:Mark Hamill,C3PO&R2D2{Star Wars
    Bullwinkle's Lost Christmas Episode 12-24-1960+3-More comeplete
    Bullwinkle Shows From 1960 with Orginal Commercials-2hrs=$10.00
    Bullwinkles New Years Eve Special:Featuring Interview With June Foray,Peabody&Shermen,Fracture Fairy Tails,Comeplete Story To
    "Whatts-A -Matter-U"&More-2hrs=410.00
    Bullwinkle&Rocky Lost Tv Documentary 1990-2hrs=$10.00
    A Carpenters Christmas Special 1977-60 mins=$10.00
    A Carpenters Christmas Portrait 1978-55 mins=$10.00
    Christmas Cartoons Specials Of The 80's-2-tape Set:
    Vol.1:A Chipmunks Christmas,The Dukes Of Hazzard Cartoon:"A Dickens Of
    A Christmas Carol,Casper's First Christmas,Smurfs Christmas Special. Vol.2:Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas,PacMan Christmas
    Special,Paddington Bear Christmas Special,Tis The Season To Be
    Smurfy,Yogi's All Star Comedy Christmas Capers-4hrs=$20.00 For both
    Christmas Comes To Willow Creek 80's Holiday Movie with Tom
    Woppat,&John Scnider-95 mins,exclent quality=$10.00
    Christmas Eve At Walt Disney World 1978:Pabblo
    Cruis,Shields&Yarnel&Others-55 mins=$10.00
    Dance Fever's Christmas Special 1981.Join Guest:Leif
    Garrett,Hanna-Barbera Cartoon Gang,&more-60 mins=$10.00
    John Denvers Rocky Mountain Christmas Special 1977:Vallie Harper,Steve Martain,Olivia Newton John-60 mins=$10.00
    John Denver&The Muppets Christmas Together 1979-55 mins,exclent quality=$10.50
    DisneyLand Haunted Mansion 30Th Anniversary Video 1999:On this special
    30th Anniversary,See:Special 30Th Anniversary Merchendise,Pannel
    Discusion with creators&artist of The Haunted Mansion.Hear never befor production storys,Concept Drawings,&more.Fantasmic Parade&Fantasy In
    The Sky,Then Midnite Walkthrough in The Haunted Mansion.Comeplete with met&greet with pannel members,comeplete ride,&another comeplete ride-2hrs,great quality&sound=$10.00
    Donny&Marie Christmas Specials Vol.1:
    Donny&Marie Christmas Special 1976:Andy Williams,Paul Lynde,&The
    Osmond Family.
    Donny&Marie Christmas Special 1977:Paul Lynde&The Osmond
    Donny&Marie Christmas Specials Vol.2:
    Donny&Marie Christmas Special 1978
    Donny&Marie Christmas Special 1979:Adam Rich,Cindy Williams,Eric Estrada,Dorthy Hamill-2hrs=$11.50
    Donny&Marie Christmas Specials Vol.3:
    The Osmonds Family Hour Holiday's Special 1980
    The Osmonds Family Hour Christmas Special 1980:Pegging Flemming,Doug Heading&more-2hrs=$11.50
    Family Tv Series With Kristy Mcnichol:
    "Tis The Season" Christmas Episode 1977
    "Gifets" Christmas Episode 1978
    2hrs total=$10.50
    Fat Albert Holiday Specials:
    1.Halloween 1977 special
    2.Christmas Special 1977
    3.Easter Special 1980
    4."Fat Albert Goes To Jail"Rare episode
    5."Do The Right Thing"
    2-full Hrs=$10.50
    Flying Nuns Christmas-2-Christmas episodes Of The Flying Nun-60
    Flip Wilison Show Christmas:Christmas Special with Burl Ives+
    Flip Wilison Show With The Jackson 5,&The Osmonds Brothers&Lucy Ball&More-2-full hrs,exclent quality=$10.50
    Frank Mills Christmas Special 1982:Shirley Jones,BarBara Edden,David
    Top Of The Pops Christmas Special 1973:David Cassidy,Donny Osmond,Tony Orlando&Dawn,The Sweet,&Others-90 mins total=$11.00
    Full House Christmas Capers:4-Christmas episodes with The Tanner Family-2hrs=$10.00
    Judy Garland Christmas Special 1964-55 mins=$10.00
    The Ghosts Of Christmas Eve with Trans-Siberian-Orchestra-55
    Happy Days Christmas:4-comeplete Holiday Episodes with The Fonz,Richie,&More-2hrs=$10.00
    He-Man&She-Ra Christmas Special 1989+
    1-episode of He-Man,&1-episode of She-Ra-exclent quality-2hrs=$10.50
    Home ImproveMent Christmas:Join Tim The ToolMan Taylor&Family for
    5-uncut Christmas episodes-2hrs=$11.50
    The Jeffersons Christmas-3-holiday episodes of The Jeffersons-90
    Journey Back To OZ 1971 Animated Holiday Movie,with Voices By:Milton Berle,Margarett Hamilton,Danny Thomas,Liza Minelli As Dorthy,Paul
    Lynde As Pumkenhead&Others-90 mins,exclent quality=$10.00
    Love Boat Christmas:2-different christmas voyage on The Love
    Mickey's Christmas Carol+
    Mickey's Nutcracker-100 mins total,exclent quality=$10.50
    MTV's Holiday Addtion Of Rock Blocks With Host,Paul Stanley From
    Kiss,Videos of:
    joan Jett:"I Hate Myself For Loving You","Little Liar","I Love Rock N'
    Hall&Oats:"Jingle Bell Rock","Private Eyes",
    John Couger:"Rock In The USA","I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa
    Def Leppard,Kiss,Sting&More.1988-2hrs=$10.50
    The Munsters Scary Little Christmas Movie,1996-2hrs=$10.00
    The Night They Saved Christmas Movie:Jacklyn Smith,Art Carney,Paul Williams,&Others.95 mins,1984-exclent quality=$11.00
    An Osbourne Family Christmas Special:Anthony Anderson,Britney
    Spears,Rob Zombie,Jessica Simpson&More-60 mins=$10.00
    Marie Osmond Christmas Special 1980:Andy Gibb,Eric Estrada+
    Marie Osmonds Christmas Special 1989:Kirk Cameron,Candice
    Cameron,Sally Struthers-2hrs=$11.00
    Donny&Marie:An Osmond Family Christmas Reuion 1999+
    Donny&Marie New Years Eve 1999:Kenny G,Dick Clark&More-2hrs=$11.50
    Partridge Family Christmas&More:
    1."Don't Bring Your Gun To Town Santa"uncut Christmnas
    Plus 3-more uncut episodes-100 mins=$11.50
    Partridge Family Greatest Hits.You Get 58-Tracks Of Partridge
    Family,&Little Ricky Too-2hrs=$10.00
    Partridge Family 70's Cartoon.5-Uncut episodes-2hrs=$10.00
    Perfect Strangers Christmas:3-Christmas&More-2hrs=$10.00
    Sabrina The Teenage Witch Christmas:2-christmas episodes-60
    Sonny&Cher Comedy Christmas Hour 1972-50 mins=$10.00
    Solid Gold Christmas Special 1980-60 mins=$10.00
    S.W.A.T.-Christmas Episode-60 mins=$10.00
    Tennessee Tuxedo&His Tales Christmas Tales&More.Holiday Show+4-more shows-2hrs=$11.00
    That 70's Show Christmas:Christmas
    Yogi's First Christmas 1974-105 mins,exclent quality=$10.50

    Hi there, I know this post is 17 years old, but I will try anyway. I would like to acquire whatever tape you may still have that contains the episode where Fat Albert and the gang go to jail. Please let me know what you might still have. Thanks!

    Joseph Pasteris
    Massachusetts, USA

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