• Trouble playing home made DVDs on computer

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    My old 32 bit Windows XP computer would play videos I record with a digital 8 mm
    video camera and then put on DVD with a DVD recorder, by opening the DVD player
    on the computer then opening the VIDEO_TS folder then double clicking on VTS_01_1.VOB ( _2., _3. etc) and the default GOM Player would open and play them. But in my new 64 bit Windows 10 computer I don't have GOM Player and try
    playing those vids the same way using Windows Media Player but it won't do anything trying it that way. Trying to drag and drop a + sign comes up, but still it won't do anything. Copying them to the Video Folder, then highlighting
    the icon and selecting Open With, Windows Media Player will play them but it doesn't split the videos the way it does on DVD players. Can anyone suggest a good way of doing this? Can anyone explain why it won't play these DVDs like it
    does things I buy, but all DVD players I've put them in play them just fine with
    no problems bringing up the menu like they're supposed to?

    Thank you for any help with this!


    "Windows 10 version

    On Windows 10, Windows DVD Player is a Windows Store app that
    provides DVD playback functionality. When launched, it searches
    for movie files in the disc drive. It can also be picked as an
    option in the AutoPlay dialog when a disc is inserted. However,
    if the disc is switched, the app needs to restart.

    Although it is available as a paid app through Windows Store,
    it is distributed at no charge to those who had upgraded from
    an installation of Windows 7 or Windows 8 that included
    Windows Media Center.

    A lot of versions of Windows 7 qualify, whereas on Windows 8, the
    Windows Media Center was an AnyTime Upgrade that had to be applied
    to Win8 Pro or so.

    Since it sounds like your installation is not an upgrade, those
    conditions would not apply, and you'd have to pay for it.


    You can use this, but it's not a traditional "DVD Player",
    and just plays a VOB if you drag and drop it. This is what I
    have on every Windows installation. That, and FFMPEG
    for conversion.


    For commercial players, they have to pay a license fee
    for usage of the codec, or at least that's the excuse for
    a non-freebie model. This is what we call "highway robbery"
    or "stand and deliver". While VLC can skirt this group,
    Microsoft cannot.


    Since January 1, 2010, MPEG-2 patent pool royalties
    are $2.00 for a decoding license...

    That's why you would expect to pay something for a player.

    When you buy the Windows DVD player through the Store,
    $2.00 of the price goes to MPEG-LA.

    I have at least one retail motherboard box, with a copy of
    WinDVD in the box gratis. That would be worth about $5 or so.
    And that's a realistic player, like a set top DVD player
    would be. It plays commercial DVDs.

    For other info, you could look here.


    Scroll down, when you select a subject page, to see the entries.
    There are some good players here, but I don't know if they're
    "theater mode" with a "10 foot interface".



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