• new JVC GR-DVL9500 Digital Camcorder

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    在 1999年2月5日星期五 UTC-5上午3:00:00,Gary Bettan写道:
    I just got finished testing my DVL9500 with Radius MotoDV Studio 2.0.
    IT WORKS GREAT!! I had total device control. Batch capture was
    perfect. MotoDV playback mode gave me brilliant full screen, full
    motion video out to the DVL9500. During playback, scrubbing, previews
    you name it.

    I am so excited about the DVL9500 that we have decided to sell them!!
    We've been a JVC dealer for years (not cams or VCRs, just the editing
    geart and peripherals). Our sales rep keeps asking us when we are
    going to start carrying JVC DV cams, my answer has always been "When
    you get FireWire right!!" Well guys, JVC has finally done it.

    The small palmsized configuration of the cam is not for every one, but
    as a big guy, I like the shape much better then the tall & narrow
    ones. The pictures are spectacular.

    I'll be putting up a full page on our website dedicated to this new DV
    wonder and my experiences editing with it.


    BTW, our price on the JVC GR-DVL9500 will be $1699. I realize this may
    be a bit high. That is why we will offer $100 discount when you
    purchase it with a DV capture card. I plan on creating some new DV
    kitchen sink bundles that will include the DVL-9500 for even more
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    i have one brand new (open box) with a few blank tapes if you can get it priced $1699, I will sale to you

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