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    The time base corrector data of the Japanese patent document public access database was just contacted by Mr. Lin (RD-4 ROOM), a motherboard engineer in ASUS, Taiwan. He said that he will be at work with the graphic division staff tomorrow to discuss
    whether to decide to add TBC and graphics correction functions on the ROG motherboard. Just confirmed. Mr. Lin from the Main Board Division.
    ASUS motherboard development and graphics cards are not a team, but they will negotiate because some integrated graphics motherboards are ASUS RD-ROOM-4. In fact, the ROG top motherboards we use are all designed by Mr. Lin and I don't know. We had a
    friendly and friendly conversation. He asked me if the best solution for VCR graphics processing is SONY? I clearly answered Panasonic. He said that he would contact Panasonic. But I think if it helps me to achieve NTSC to PAL capture mod is very simple,
    I mainly asked him to transplant the DV camera TBC to the VCR, he said that we need to study before answering. He is not familiar with it now. In all respects, their attitude and professionalism are much better than Japanese IODATA. I firmly believe that
    the strongest PCB design and manufacturing technology is in Taiwan, China.


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