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    It's been a while, and here are some updates. I've owned a
    GH4 for two years now (I preordered it when announced).
    It has two failings when used as a 4K video camera, as does
    my G7 also (but both are SUPER stills cameras!). I find the
    30P maximum fps for 4K to be an unacceptably slow frame
    rate (once you hit 60P, issues with "frame-blinking" with
    high shutter speeds just go away!). Panasonic now has a
    video camera with 4K-60P, and the up-coming GH5 will also
    have that feature. The other problem is with "exposure
    bobbling" during zooming that can occur while using many
    stills lenses for video (possibly being solved with a new lens
    I'm thinking of buying: a 12-60mm, 24-120mm-equivalent
    zoom). The new 12-60mm is reputed to have a continuously
    variable diaphragm instead of the usual 1/3rd stop "clicks",
    normal for stills work.

    Also, with the GH4, I compared image sharpness at various
    settings for 1080-60P, and found some surprises: 200Mbps
    1080-60P video (with All-I frames) did not look as sharp as
    100Mbps GOP video (this was not surprising, since the
    compression for the latter is more efficient) - and also that
    50Mbps1080-60P video looks VERY close in sharpness to
    100Mbps video, and very noticeably better than 28Mbps
    AVCHD video. As a result of this, I have settled on 50Mbps
    1080-60P for my video, and this can now be put on disk as
    1080-60P AVCHD (and it looks GREAT, and noticeably better
    than 24/30-P or 60-I!), and it also archives well at 135Mbps
    1080-60P. I'm eager to try 4K-60P, though...!;-)

    BTW, since I started this about 3.5 years ago, I've shot almost
    200,000 stills with this great, light Panasonic gear, and I finally
    just bought a "serious" printer... I'm "about" to put up about
    two dozen "shooting-concept" pages of photos rather than
    grouping them by the lenses used (it's been a S-L-O-W process
    sorting and processing huge numbers of photos, so I don't know
    when this will begin to be up on my site...). But for now, I am
    still adding photos at:

    --David Ruether

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