• Should you travel to Cambodia on your own or take Cambodia Tour Package

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    Of course, the decision plays a significant role as it dramatically affects the style of your trip. If this is the case, the following are a few observations that might help you clear your mind.


    Maybe, the most noticeable reason why travelers are keen on Cambodia tour package is that they don’t really want to be alone. On an organized tour, you’ll have a built-in group to be with, although you are unlikely to select over who is part of the
    group. Everyone will be on the “same boat” and ready to discover something new on the trip together.

    Going travel on your own means that you have much more time for solitude and self-reflection. If you want to be alone, just begin the trip alone. If you want to socialize, just choose whom you want to accompany. Further, it is also a good opportunity to
    get you talking and making friends with those you might have met along the trip. They can give you what you have never known before, which thus broaden your horizons.

    Level of Difficulty
    During the self-journey, you must sketch out Cambodia itineraries carefully, such as where to stay, where to eat, what to do, where to visit, and how to get there. It is a must to book whatever needs to be booked beforehand (hotels, guesthouses, etc.).
    You can get in trouble if there is something wrong. Though the experience is not always fun, you do challenge your mind and spirit for sure.

    On the contrary, travel by tour seems to be easier. Your travel agency will do all the planning, all the booking, as well as all types of transportation for you. There is even no need to speak the foreign language of the country you are arriving in.
    Without taking time to preparing a plan, you will have more free time to pamper and enjoy yourself, because there is someone answering your questions, guiding you along the way, and showing you the best spots.

    Depth of Experience
    When planning a trip on your own, you are in control of your schedule. It is possible to decide what to do and what not to do. Such the freedom sounds very appealing to many backpackers. Your interactions with a new place will be more thrilling and
    exciting. Your knowledge will be more expanded if you want to know more about Cambodia trekking type, for instance, as you have to spend time searching out that information. You have a right to set foot to anywhere you like or eat whatever you want
    provided that you plan everything thoroughly.

    Meanwhile, with a tour group, people can feel rushed and uncomfortable through some activities they would like to engage in more. Other activities they are very interested in could not be included on the tour package at all. But, instead, your tour guide
    is very expert at Cambodia destination. Hence, he will be eager to offer more detailed information and colorful background than what you may find on by yourself. Moreover, you can also contemplate more things in a shorter period of time since
    transportation is always available for you.

    It is said that enjoying Cambodia holidays by tour tends to be more expensive than planning a trip independently in most cases. This is somehow true. Once traveling by yourself, you are always able to save much money by choosing less expensive type of
    food, hotel, and even transportation options. But, for the newbie backpackers, extra expense can be added up that may be more expensive than booking a tour.

    On the other hand, lots of travelers prefer taking a tour where they are able to manage and stick to a budget before the journey starts. For them, a tour can provide that level of certainty they need.

    All in all, which option comes to your mind firstly? Travel by yourself or book tour package? No matter which type you choose, you will certainly gain different and amazing experiences. The most important thing is to think carefully about what you expect
    from your traveling experience, and which type of travel can be best suited to your personality trait. If self-travel is your choice, please do a lot more research to avoid any inevitable problems. In case you are fond of the group experience, please
    make sure to look for a travel agency with a tour guide that matches your own. Have a wonderful trip!

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