• Where to go in Vietnam?

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    That's a question that you ask yourselves and we're here to help you !
    Each traveler dreams of seeing nice green rice paddies, having a pleasant climate that's not too hot, not being there while it flooding, not being cold when visiting the North, having a nice time while visiting Halong Bay...

    General climate in our country: Hot and humid with slight differences depending regions from North to South.

    We could say that there are two seasons:

    • fresh and dry from October to April
    • hot and wet from May to September
    Of course variations occurs if you're up North or down South and East and West

    North, Hanoi region

    • Wet season: from May to September
    • Dry season: from October to March
    January-February: 10°C – 15°C (50-60°F)
    Foggy and much colder in Sapa.

    March-April: 17°C-25°C (65°-80°F) It rains a little and there's cloudy sky.

    May: about 20°-30°C (70°-85°F) then temperature rises in the next months. The more the temperature rises the more there is rain, especially in July and August.

    September: A little less rain.

    October: less rain and temperature comes back to 20°-24°C (70°-75°F)

    The Center, from Danang to Nha Trang for the coastal part and the highland central on the edge of the the Cambodian and Lao frontier.

    • Dry season: from January to May
    • Wet season: from August to December
    It's a little warmer than in the North, and a little colder than in the South. The center is the region that's the most affected by the monsoon from May to October, the hottest season. However, note that it is always cooler in the higher altitudes and

    July-October: more rain with frequent typhoons.

    The South, region of Ho Chi Minh

    There'sa warmer climate all year long with a shift between rainy season and dry season.

    • Dry season : from December to April. Temperature can reach 35°C (95°F) • Wet season : from May to November with short violent rainfalls in late afternoons.
    In conclusion:  What is the best time to visit Vietnam?
    Come visit Vietnam all year round but the most favorable time to see all regions is from November through to the end of April , this time combines temperatures bearable in any region, and little rain.

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