• Need help of good travel agents in Canada

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    hello canada travel agents ,

    we are providing ( eTravos ) mainly focused towards Travel Portal development in Canada. Also it provides required software solution to small & entrepreneur level travel business.

    for more details go through the website : https://etravos.com/travelportaldevelopmentcanada.html

    Could someone please give me names and phone # of
    reliable travel agents in Canada who deal with
    following airlines:

    Singapore Airlines
    Cathay Pacific
    Thai Airlines
    Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)

    I need to purchase airline tickes at discount price.

    -- All travel agencies in Canada have, by law, an equal access to the same fares
    via what are called consolidators who buy wholesale from the airlines. The only difference
    between one agency and the other is the amount of commission that is taken >********************************************************************
    Pawan K. Agrawal Home: (515) 296 8354
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    Iowa State university Fax: (515) 294 1401
    Ames, Iowa 50010 e-mail: pka@iastate.edu >********************************************************************

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