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    Report on Pattaya 2 weeks, July, 2019. Old man, still called handsome,
    but old. No raging hormones here, use my big head more these days.

    General conditions in Pattaya. For more detailed info, including,
    specific guesthouses, prices, transportation, netcafes, walking street,
    soi 6, etc, contribute a post or comment Dumaguete_NOBS blog (google it)
    wtih email address to send the info. I don't collect or use emails, just
    I don't give out free info that I spent hours and hours getting and lots
    of money also. You must give something in return. If you are a rich,
    (stupid, money no object) horney monger who just wants sex, pattaya is
    still a go. If you don't mind paying in advance bar fines that average
    500-2000 baht in hopes your take home girl will perform, Pattaya is still
    a go. Lots of selection, many very pretty with enhanced tits, but mostly
    young and stupid with few speaking English with any facility.

    If you're like me and don't pay in advance (cardinal rule of mongering)
    do not waste your money and time on Pattaya. Almost impossible to
    separate the girls from their bar owner chains and avoid bar fines,etc. I
    even got a hotel ON soy 6 within a few meters of all the bars and found
    it impossible to get them to shortime on their own, without paying a

    Got laid 3 times, one of which was good. Still some good ones on Beach
    Road, but hit or miss on performance and they hide their fat baby damaged bodies making it impossible to see what you're paying for. Detailed info including specific hotels, transport,prices, tips for saving money google Dumaguete_Nobs The one good lay and massage was free from a woman I
    picked up on the Baht bus, older woman but still attractive and good personality. Other was beach road fatty who disguised it but still nice personality and wanting to please. Other was a young pretty 23 year old
    that did not know how to fuck and I threw her out.

    Pattaya is a overpriced tourist trap town now with Thais that can barely conceal their disdain for you and just want your money and want you to
    leave. Many Thais are ill-mannered and discourteous compared to
    Filipinos. Pattaya prices were 40-100% higher than Dumaguete.
    Pattaya vs Dumaguete:

    Dumaguete friendly, accomodating, cheap. Pattaya expensive, unfriendly,
    not accomodating. Dumaguete, speaks some English. Pattaya, nostly forget
    it, you must have Thai. Dumaguete, easy to get around,cheap reliable
    transport. Pattaya, spread out, hard to get around,hard to find things, transport corrupt, expensive and unreliable. Thais, unfriendly, confrontational, get mad quickly. Filipinos, =accomodating, nice,
    friendly, non-confrontational. Forget Pattaya, and forget Bangkok it's a
    waste of money and time.

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