• KLM and Transit visa at Amsterdam

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    A bunch of us are travelling by KLM back to India this winter. Our
    flights originate in Chicago/Detroit/NY and connect through Amsterdam
    (where we change aircraft) to fly the the rest of the lg to
    Now, there seems to be a new visa situation for citizens of some
    countries (including Indians but non-green card holders). Apparently we
    are required to obtain a transit visa just for connecting at Amstredam.
    This visa needs to be obtained PRIOR to boarding the aircraft at the
    city of origination in the US!!!! I called KLM and they told me that I
    will need a visa before I'll be allowed to board at Chicago. What's
    even surprising is that they told me that I'll need a visa on my return journey (by NorthWest) when I dont come out of the aircraft (the same
    plane travels from Bombay to NeWark through Amsterdam)!!!!!
    We tried calling the Dutch consulate individually and got different
    answers. Some were told that the visa is required irrespective of one's intention to go out to the city, check customs and immigration at
    Amsterdam, while some were told that we wont need a visa if we're just
    taking a connecting flight to India. All thsi makes it very
    I checked the webpages of both KLM and the Netherlands embassy and none
    has any info on this issue.
    I would really appreciate if anyone knows anything about this and will
    be kind enough to share the information. Thanks for your patience and cooperation.

    Budhendra Bhaduri



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