• Wanted - good travel agents in Germany for India trip

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    On Tuesday, 8 August 1995 12:30:00 UTC+5:30, Siddharthan Ramachandramurthi wrote:
    Hi folks,
    some of my friends are travelling from Germany to India
    later this year.
    Can anyone recommend some good travel agents in Germany,
    preferably located in Berlin or Frankfurt,
    who specialize in cheap tickets to India?

    Please respond by e-mail to siddhart@math.utk.edu
    Siddharthan Ramachandramurthi | "If I am not for myself, who is for me? Inst. for Environmental Modeling | If I am only for myself, what am I? Department of Mathematics | If not now, when?"
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    Knoxville, TN 37996-1300, USA |
    Internet: siddhart@math.utk.edu |

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