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    " Molokai Police Detective Kyle “Ikaika” Bishaw-Juario
    said police have conducted multiple searches for her
    in the Kalae area with no results. "


    #1 Haole Foreign Race Culture Vulture Police Officer
    Detective Kyle Bishaw-Juario Is Claiming To
    Be A:
    " Ikaika "
    [Kanaka Maoli Warrior]

    #2 Haole Foreign Race Culture Vulture
    Kyle Bishaw-Juario Is Part Of The
    Illegal Occupation (1893) Forces In Hawai`i.

    #3 Haole Foreign Race Culture Vulture
    Kyle Bishaw-Juario Stands Not With The
    Hawai`i Ali`i (Royals).

    #4 This Creature And His Familia Collective
    Have The Ultimate Arrogance Through
    The Literal Body Snatching Of The Whole
    Hawai`ian Kingdom And It's Uniquely
    Kanaka Maoli Culture.

    #5 Molokai Police Detective Is Not A: " Ikaika",
    He Will Never Be A " Ikaika ",
    He Will Always Be A Crooked Filipino Culture Vulture.


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