• Role of the Travel Agent MUST Change!!!

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    There is a couble of things unclaer about your trip.
    Did you book a package that includes land and air? If so then the tour company contracted for the air portion. If the air went down, the agent
    has no control as the tour company will not be effected by airfare changed. They contracted with the airlines for a price that was usually lower
    than the published fare. The airline will make the difference not the
    travel agent or the tour company

    If you booked air only, you should have contacted your tarvel agent in Philadelphia and told them that the price went down. They will re-issue the ticket at the lower price and refund the difference.

    I am in Philadelphia and must say that the $945.00 Phila to Paris fare sound high to start with. Did you have restrictions like certain dates and length of
    stay? The lower fare may not have applied to your dates and restrictions.

    I can assure you that the travel agent did not get the extra $300.00, if anyone did it was the airline.

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    Please don't tar us all with the same brush. If a fare
    goes down on a >ticket I wrote for one of my clients I will fight like hell to
    get the >reduced fare. You should have talked to your travel agent. Did you? My >business depends on repeat clients. We do not receive a "kickback" from >the airlines. We do get a commission but that does not factor in when I >make a booking for a client. I want to see you back for the next trip. >There's to much competition out there for me to screw you.

    On 6 Apr 1995, Julia Ciliberti wrote:

    I have this question to ask about travel agents:

    1. When I went on a recent tour in Europe, I paid a set price, which
    included airfare from Phila to Paris. During the time I paid for the
    tour and the actual tour I think airfares dropped alot. On my ticket,
    I noticed that I paid $945. for a coach ticket on BA (for which I was
    treated like a coach class person all the way, btw) when I think the
    going rate would have been around $600. Question is, why did I need
    this travel agent? I think what happened is if the airfare prices
    go down, you can betcha that your friendly agent will renegotiate your
    ticket and pocket the change. But if they go up, they will sure
    pressure you to get them the money fast!! That sure was an easy
    $300. they made on me.
    So if you go on a tour, you should talk to the airline yourselves.

    2. Does airline kickbacks to travel agents play too much of a role
    in whether you fly Beruit Air or United on your trip? Thats got to
    stop, too.

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