• Brexit works for me!

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    As an American, I really shouldn't stick my nose into European affairs
    (except my country always winds up fighting their wars).

    I'll have to wait for markets to open in the morning, but already it
    looks like the dollar is strengthening considerably against the pound
    and euro.

    Why does this matter to me? Because I am traveling to Europe in early
    July. I have 150 euros left from last year, and a wad of about $500,
    which I expect will be worth a lot more when I get there. I can always withdraw more dollars before leaving, too (though I'm wary of carrying
    cash through TSA because I'm always afraid they'll steal it).

    Las Vegas to Copenhagen, Copenhagen to Amsterdam, where I've already
    got a room booked in a fairly good location for only 50 euros a night!
    Down to Antwerp, then to Brussels (I expect to be strip-searched by
    train police just for arriving from Amsterdam). Next day Cologne,
    then just work my way east through Germany, hitting Berlin, the
    Industrial music capital of the world, until I arrive back in
    Copenhagen for my last 3 or 4 days. (I also want to see an eastern
    German city most reminiscent of Soviet times.)

    Europarty! I expect to drink lots of "coffee" in Amsterdam, and see
    how hard it is to transport those famous beans across national borders
    in my underwear.

    Until we hear the safe word, we will not stop!

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