• 1950s Vintage Plastic Bricks

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    On Monday, January 24, 1994 at 3:03:11 PM UTC-5, Karl Snow wrote:
    When I was a boy in the 1950s I had some lego-like building bricks which were called simply "American Plastic Bricks" (I think). I don't know if American was the name of the company which made them or if it was just part of the name.
    These bricks were made of hard plastic (and broke easily) and were red and white. Does anyone know if these are still made ? Does anyone else remember them ? Thank You,

    Karl Snow

    I remember them. I played with them for a long time and just loved creating new designs, although the types of things one could make were limited to plain buildings. I wish there had been the diversity of Lego then. I wish I could remember what they were
    called as I fondly remember playing with them for hours on end.
    Susan Fay

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