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    On Thursday, November 1, 1990 at 2:05:01 PM UTC-8, Ryan D Mathews wrote:
    This is the second (and last) posting of a proposal for a new alt
    newsgroup: alt.paintball.
    Support so far has been good, but not overwhelming, so if you would
    like to see this group, please mail me at one of the addresses after
    my .sig. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I will ask my newsadmin
    to send out a newgroup a week from now.
    This group will be for the discussion of the sport of paintball. This includes, but is not limited to:
    -- Discussion of rules and regulations
    -- Honest reviews and comments about paintguns and paintballs and
    other equipment.
    -- Tournament announcements
    Group will be unmoderated.
    For those of you wondering "What is paintball?", it is a sport played
    with airguns that shoot paint-filled hollow gelatin balls. If the ball strikes you, you're out. Games are usually capture the flag or
    eliminate all your opponents.
    I'm hoping, though, that there are enough of you out there who do play paintball to support an alt newsgroup. Paintball is popular enough to
    support four monthly glossy magazines and nearly a score of
    manufacturers, so I figure my hope is justifed.
    My roommate, the paintball nut for whom I am helping to start this
    group, says there is need for an open forum for paintballers,
    especially for the discussion of equipment, since the magazines are
    generally too afraid of losing their advertisers to give a bad review.
    If you would support this group, post to alt.config or email me at one
    of the addresses below. If you have a question about the sport of
    paintball itself, please email my roommate Andrew Lutz at V043...@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu.
    ---------- Ryan Mathews
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    Bitnet : mathews@sunybcs
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    I am all for it!!!

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