• Fox Shock Inflation Needle

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    You're being ridiculous here. Trying to convince people who don't know better that rebuilding their own shocks(forks too fyi) is beyond the average mechanically inclined person? Simply put.... BS! It's doable. It's not rocket sciencE. Youre going to
    get a bit messy that's true. But Special tools to not damage O- rings etc? How about putting Saran wrap or finger of latex glove over the threads before sliding it on? WOW!!! Special tool that one right? Please. Give me a break already. Why not
    help people interested in doing their own maintenance instead of trying to scare them off? Bleeding the air from the shock? Well, fill it, pump it, continue, wait, some more, best you can reasonably do and done. It's quite doable without special tools
    thank you! The biggest hurdle is the nitrogen recharge and many motorcycle shops will recharge shocks for < $10. Here's the basics... Yes shocks benefit from maintenance. All this about shim stacks this and that is pretty misleading. That stud is
    fine with a cleaning in kerosene or solvent. Cleaning and Replacing the oil is good. Even just keeping the shock recharged yearly is good if you do nothing else. Fear fear fear blah blah blah....... Oh... And if you think my rebuilds are inferior
    because I wasn't professionally trained to rebuild shocks well bring it out and let's ride and see >>>>>>>>>. :)

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