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    I put an amp probe to the wire from the lighting coil on my 95 mach 1
    and found that it is putting out about 14-16 amps.
    Now the wire size looks like about 16 gauge wire, if I remember rite
    14 gauge wire is rated for about 15 amps and since 16 g wire is thinner than 14 g wire I would assume that the 16 g wire would be rated for
    Reason for checking out put.... Burnt connector off, could have been worse, could have burnt the sled up!

    Any EE's out there to explain this??? Before everyone jumps to conclusions...
    I'm no EE but I'd consider the following items:
    1) A burnt out connector is a connector problem, not a wire gauge problem.
    2) If the connector took this long since '95 to "burn out", it probably had increased resistance due to age/corrosion/etc. Resistance goes up, it heats up, the plastic housing melts. It happens.
    3) Another possible cause of the connector melting (if that's what it did) is increased current flow. Did you or a previous owner replace the headlamp bulb with a high wattage unit like is becoming popular? If so your wiring may not be up to the job. Been there, done that on my car. First the switch melted. Fixed that. Then a connector melted. Fixed that. Then another connector melted. Fixed that, put the stock bulbs back in. I'm not a quick learner apparently. A relay is the right solution on a car but not necessarily on a sled.
    Just some thoughts FWIW. I wouldn't be leaning towards a major design flaw considering how many sleds Ski-Doo has produced that aren't having wiring problems.
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