• What was your first snowmobile?

    From Karl in Spokane@21:1/5 to MOPAR PLUS on Mon May 2 20:10:10 2016
    On Friday, March 29, 2002 at 1:57:14 PM UTC-8, MOPAR PLUS wrote:
    1973 Chapparral Firebird 340. Bought it used in Empire Michigan from a dealer
    who delt in Sno-Jets. Loved that sled from age of 13 until I left for the Navy
    at 18. Would go like crazy but the suspension was not the greatest. Gave it to my little brother when I left home and he wrecked it.

    Yamaha 292SM. Only weighed 300 pounds with a wooping HP of 20. Considered a long track back in 1973. Karl in Spokane

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  • From kewx@21:1/5 to Evel on Tue May 3 09:15:11 2016
    Ya hey der! My first sled was an Exciter with a 600. It was -45F up at Hoppy's bar in Kenton on da UP. I came out of the bar and started the machine to let it idle and warm up. It was so cold that the flywheel shattered and so what was I to do but go
    back into Hoppy's and get likkered up till da weather broke. kw

    On Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 6:10:59 AM UTC-5, Evel wrote:
    What was the first sled you could call your own??
    Mine was a Rupp American with an AMF ski-daddler motor on it :o) I was only 13? and got the sled and motor free, did all the work myself. I don't know how the motor ever pulled the sled it came off.. The Ski-daddler had the widest track I ever saw on a sled and it had reverse. The motor survived the sled, and later I put it on a go kart :o)

    After High School I bought my first "New" sled.. 1978 Ski-Doo Blizzard 6500 Plus. Anyone ever owned one of these?
    Years later I had 3 Kawasaki's. 340 Invader, 440 Invader and the mighty 550 Interceptor.

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