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    The virtual-signaling, very woke National Basketball Association has
    reportedly settled on a list of social justice messages that can be
    displayed on the back of player jerseys for the first four days of the restarted season.

    The suspended NBA season is scheduled to restart on July 30 at the ESPN
    Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Fla., at the Walt Disney World
    Resort. The NBA has reportedly already agreed to paint the words Black
    Lives Matter inside the sidelines on all three arenas that will be in use
    when the games begin.

    Given massive guaranteed salaries and other forms of leverage, the players pretty much run the NBA, even though there is no constitutional guarantee
    of free speech in the private sector workplace. Thus, the league and the players’ union (i.e., billionaires and millionaires) reportedly ironed
    out, as it were, the following list:

    Black Lives Matter
    Say Their Names
    I Can’t Breathe
    Power to the People
    Justice Now
    Say Her Name
    Sí Se Puede (Yes We Can)
    See Us
    Hear Us
    Respect Us
    Love Us
    Listen to Us
    Stand Up
    I Am A Man
    Speak Up
    How Many More
    Group Economics
    Education Reform

    Players, who generally seek blue-check Twitter applause for their activism/brand above all else, can opt for just a traditional jersey
    containing their last name, but the peer pressure in the locker room is
    going to be enormous to go with the customized messaging.

    “After the first four nights, a player can simply go back to their last
    name. If they choose to continue showing a social message, their name
    would go below the number,” ESPN explained.

    “The NBA and NBPA announced an agreement on June 24 to continue to discuss fighting systemic racism and to make it one of the focuses of the
    restart,” ESPN added.

    Over the past few years, NBA TV ratings have trended downward

    The vast majority of NBA fans regardless of background or ideology watch
    games as an escape from politics and other serious concerns, so it remains
    to be seen how social justice messaging will affect 2020 viewership. The National Football League may encounter the same dilemma when, as expected, players kneel during the National Anthem.

    These will perhaps be more test cases for the get woke, go broke concept.

    That aside, many have pointed out that messaging supporting Hong Kong democracy, All Lives Matter, pro-life, or MAGA-related would never have
    had a chance.

    I’m not seeing “Free Hong Kong,” on the list. Probably just an
    oversight. https://t.co/x8EGMVFCrX

    — Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) July 4, 2020

    The Hong Kong issue is particularly relevant in that hypocritical NBA luminaries such as LeBron James, Steve Kerr, and Greg Popovich have consistently ripped America generally for its shortcomings and President
    Trump personally for his, but have clammed up about China’s human rights
    abuses and the CCP’s crackdown on Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement.

    Last year, the Houston Rockets general manager caused an international
    ruckus with a simple pro-Hong Kong tweet because the cash-hungry NBA,
    China, and Nike consist of a three-legged stool. China is the NBA’s
    largest overseas market.

    Former Fox Sports host Jason Whitlock maintains that because of the deal
    cut between owners (now called governors) and players about jersey
    messaging “NBA games will be 94-feet, divisive political rallies. The
    players prioritized social media brand building above enticing and
    pleasing the largest American television audience possible…The NBA no
    longer even pretends to care about American sports fans. Working at the
    behest of its de facto parent company and mentor (Nike), the NBA adopts practices and standards that smear America and please China.”

    Glossing over the lack of freedom under Beijing’s dictatorship, an authoritarian regime that would never allow social justice messaging on
    team uniforms, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said recently that he hopes
    that the U.S. and China “can find mutual respect for each other.”

    Now-woke Twitter reacted to the NBA’s corporate-approved social justice slogans:

    A giant corporation giving their employees a pre-approved list
    of social justice messages they can choose from. This is the
    most hilarious “revolution” in history.
    — Tragic Bronson (@Lumbergh88) July 4, 2020

    “Defund the refs” is next
    — Ethan (@EthanFr77779567) July 4, 2020

    It isn’t really free speech if your speech contains one of 29
    pre approved messages. That said, I am the dope for thinking an
    organization in bed with China gives a crap about the First
    — Joseph Aubry (@joew8302) July 4, 2020

    Does Affirmative Action fall under systemic racism?
    — Tony Balboa (@ADChill320) July 4, 2020

    Won’t be watching the NBA or NFL this year. Not really about the
    message itself just that I want to watch sports to escape from
    politics. That’s why Americans love sports so much. Its always
    been a place where we can relax and enjoy ourselves or with
    — Jarrod Newton (@JCNew82) July 4, 2020

    How about “Capt. Dorn”, or maybe “FREE Hong Kong”?
    — B&B FOREVER (@BBFOREV89770409) July 4, 2020

    I’m done with American pro sports. Absolutely done
    — Mr AJ (@MiamiAJ4) July 4, 2020

    @NBA I’m sure this was just an oversight, that “Free Hong Kong”
    was left off the list. I’ll look for an amended list soon.
    — Jeff (@jbird_98) July 4, 2020

    What should be added to the list to wear “HYPOCRISY’
    — michael parker (@parker825) July 4, 2020

    How bout ‘ Oppression Made Me A Millionaire ‘
    — Jack Fistfight???????? (@JackFistfight) July 4, 2020

    How about the name of the 3 year old from Chicago? Nike won’t
    — Bruce Krause (@BruceKrause13) July 4, 2020

    Democrats and the liberal media hate President Trump more than they
    love this country.

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