• Black sports anchor explains why NBA painting Black Lives Matter on cou

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    Speak For Yourself’s Marcellus Wiley explained why it’s a bad idea for
    the NBA to paint Black Lives Matter on the court or to put the message on jerseys, and he totally nailed it.


    Wiley starts by saying he believes this will only divide people, as going
    down the road of identity politics always tends to do. He quotes the
    famous proverb that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    Wiley then says he actually looked up the mission statement of Black
    Lives Matters and says he has a big problem with the fact that the group
    wants to destroy the patriarchal practice and the nuclear family. He
    explained, via statistics from the mid 90s, the probabilities of what
    happens to children from single parent homes versus two parent homes and
    it’s not good. He adds that he already knew this because many of his
    friends that he grew up with came from single parent homes and found
    themselves “outside of their dreams and goals and aspirations.”

    He also took issue with how the BLM mission statement also says that it
    wants to eradicate white supremacy, suggesting that in 2020 this doesn’t
    even make sense.

    Democrats and the liberal media hate President Trump more than they
    love this country.

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