• China + The Liberal Elite: Get A Room

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    The NBA canít disrespect Americans enough for knowing which bathroom to
    use, or having guns, or not being sufficiently woke, but let the Chinese communists get fussy because some dude dunks the reds over oppression in
    Hong Kong Ė you know, supporting freedom Ė and the billionaire ballers
    canít gimp it up fast enough for Maoís heirs. We havenít seen such
    pathetic, eager submission to the forces of evil since the last time some Bulwark scribbler got a chance to be on a CNN panel about Trump with Ana Navarro and a cross-dressing furry.

    And itís not just the rich schmucks who own the basketball teams. Itís
    our entire elite, the whole useless lot of them, who canít wait to bow
    down to the Pinko Peril. You just sprinkle a few bucks around DC and NY
    and the whole sorry lot of those who presume to be our betters start
    chanting, ďThank you, comrade, may I have another.Ē

    Qatar did the same thing, buying our For Sale betters, except on a
    smaller scale and with less pork. And now the elite is outraged because
    Trump sees the scam and canít be bought Ė to them, heís the worst of both worlds.

    This latest craven capitulation to foreign potentates by our loser
    leaders just reaffirms what those of us who are conservawoke know Ė that
    our elitists are not for us. They are for themselves, and that means they
    are for their overseas paymasters. They are for China, not only for that
    sweet, sweet commie cash, but because the Chinese Communist Partyís stranglehold on the Chinese people provides them with a template for
    doing the same thing to us. Think of it Ė a country without
    accountability or restraint upon the anointed few. Wait a minute, that
    sounds like Washington, D.C. today Ė at least if youíre a Democrat.

    Itís almost a clichť about how New York Times hacks gush over how lucky
    the Chinese rulers are not to have to worry about things like the consent
    of the governed. It sure is easy to do the things you and your pals want
    done Ė but the people donít want done Ė when the people donít get a say.
    Thatís our eliteís not-so-secret fantasy Ė to be able to impose whatever nonsense they desire upon us without us being able to object. Whether
    itís converting us at straw-point to their weird climate religion, wiping
    out our history and culture, or simply covering up the corruption of its
    own Ė like Hairplug Oneís yayo-yiffing, zipper-dropping son Ė the total
    control exercised by its efficient rulers makes China their role model.

    Well, maybe not the efficiency part. Like we could trust our dingus nomenklatura to make the trains run on time. Theyíd screw up the train schedule, then announce that itís no biggie because trains must be banned anyway because of global warming.

    This explains why they canít say enough good things about China, and why
    they desperately seek to stop us from saying bad things about China. Our
    crony capitalists are only too eager to help, conspiring with these
    communist bastards to trample the freedom of people in China and Hong
    Kong today, and you tomorrow. Paranoid? What have you seen in the last
    five years that gives you any confidence at all that any major American
    company wouldnít sell out your liberty for a 1% bump to their bottom

    The NBA is just the latest willing serfcorp to go crawling to their
    Eastern masters. The tech overlords have been helping the Chinese police
    state do its thought policing for years. What do you want to bet that
    cheap Chinese crap you buy at Walmart is made by Uighur with a chain
    around his ankle? And Hollywood? The creative types used to fume when
    they got notes from smarmy suits in LA. Now theyíre delighted to follow
    the commands of the Ministry of Proper Thoughts in Beijing.

    Itís not a question of whether our elite can be bought. They can. Like
    the man said, we have established what they are. The only question is the price. If you want Chinese money, you gotta play ball. If you want the
    freedom, too bad. You canít have both.

    A bit of personal corruption is bad, but this corruption is designed to undermine our country over the long run. Right now, the Chinese are
    ripping off our tech, building up their military, and normalizing
    controlled speech. All the while the people supposed to be keeping us
    safe are howling at Trump for pointing out the manifest corruption of
    swamp-son Grandmaster Cash Biden.

    Our elites are not even asleep on the job. If they were asleep, at least
    they wouldnít be doing any damage. No, they are active participants in
    the undermining of our freedom and sovereignty, and it has got to stop.
    At least Donald Trumpís trying Ė which only makes them hate him (and you,
    for electing him) even more.

    What can we do? Keep supporting the Trump trade policies and our military rebuild. But we need to do more. Letís hit the weak-heart companies in
    the pocketbook. Letís get our Congress, to the extent it isnít already
    bought and paid for with Beijingís bucks, to take a break from the Impeachapalooza to pass a law giving foreigners the right to go into US
    courts and sue any American company that assists a foreign government
    anywhere in violating any right found in our First Amendment. Yeah, letís
    use lawyers for good instead of evil. Letís let people who are spied on, arrested, or locked in prison sue in an American court. ďBut but but that
    will cost us zillions!Ē the corporate collaborators will cry. Yeah, it
    will. You can tick off the ChiComs, or you can tick off us Ė donít choose poorly, jerks.

    This canít go on, not if we wish to remain free Ė and we wish it. China
    is wiping the floor with us, and our elite is happily operating the mop
    and bucket.

    Source: http://bit.ly/GetARoom2B2063b

    "Those on the left believe they are on the side of all that is right and
    just. Therefore, anything they do, no matter how illegal, unjust, or
    just wrong, in service of the goal of winning back their right to govern,
    is justified. And if they canít win elections by winning elections, they
    will cheat, because only with absolute power can they save America from Americans."--William L. Gensert

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