• Doral Arrowwood New York Summer League rosters (part 2)

    From Ronald Rutland Jr@21:1/5 to Greg Franklin on Mon Jul 3 12:26:17 2017
    I played on the nets team. I am trying to find a way to get any copies of our games. Do you know how to accomplish that?

    On Tuesday, July 23, 1996 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-4, Greg Franklin wrote:
    In a previous article, lmirkovic@aol.com (LMirkovic) says:
    New Jersey Nets:

    2 Dana Dingle, F UMass '96
    4 Ron Rutland, G U. of Indianapolis '91
    6 Khalid Reeves, G Arizona '94
    41 Robert Werdann, C St. John's '92
    42 Aaron Swinson, F Auburn '94
    13 Mark Strickland, F Temple '92
    52 Brian Shorter, F Pitt '91
    31 Ed O'Bannon, F UCLA '95
    30 Kerry Kttles, G Villanova '96
    35 Shelton Jones, F St. John's '88
    20 Greg Graham, G Indiana '93
    33 Yinka Dare, C George Wash. '96
    34 Lloyd Daniels, G/F Mount San Antonio
    44 Dexter Cambridge, F Texas '92
    53 Alaa Abdelnaby, F Duke '90

    Wow. Seeing those two Pac-10 Final Four superstars and hyped-up ex-lottery picks hanging out in the summer league with these...umm....ballplayers is quite amazing to my eyes.

    Kinda reminds me of those women-in-prison movies where one or two of the women are "good girls" just trying to serve out their time and get back
    into society. Meanwhile 10 or 12 "bad girls" with bad bad habits are
    causing havoc in the ward and threatening the good girls with nail files
    and the like.

    Oh well, at least Lloyd and Alaa aren't pulling JR Rider kind of stuff.
    And Yinka seems to be the peaceful sort.
    Greg Franklin

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