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    From Benny@21:1/5 to Corwyn Newman on Tue Mar 21 07:02:24 2017
    Jordan looks pretty good against Mitch:


    On Friday, July 29, 1994 at 2:42:54 AM UTC-5, Corwyn Newman wrote:
    Unless anyone has anything else to add, let this serve as the 'rec.sport.basketball.pro' tally of
    Michael Jordan's Best Defenders

    * Mitch Richmond -I think JOrdan had lower average in Oakland Coliseum
    than any other NBA arena.
    * Rolando Blackman (?)
    * Craig Ehlo
    * Derek Harper
    * Dan Majerle -I don't know who suggested this... it seems pretty
    ridiculous to me, considering Jordan set a scoring record
    during the '93 Finals against him, but this IS a summary, not
    just my opinion
    * Doc Rivers (?)
    * Kevin Johnson -gave him trouble in their occassional matchups during
    the '93 Finals
    * Joe Dumars -I think by Jordan's own proclamation
    * Dennis "The Worm" Rodman
    * John Starks -'93 Conference Finals Games 1 & 2
    * Vernon Maxwell -Rockets 4-1 vs. Bulls during '91-'93 title run

    These are all the ones I've seen posted so far.

    NewMan Alive At Northwestern, Again.

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