• "NBA on CBS" TV Schedules (1973-1990) UPDATED

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    Atlanta @ Phoenix
    Buffalo @ Cleveland
    *Capital @ Philadelphia
    Kansas City-Omaha @ Milwaukee
    Portland @ Houston
    Seattle @ Atlanta
    Phoenix @ Chicago
    Boston @ Atlanta
    Los Angeles @ Milwaukee
    New York @ Atlanta
    *Capital @ Boston
    Los Angeles @ Chicago
    New York @ Milwaukee
    Milwaukee@ K.C.-Omaha
    New York @ Boston
    Los Angeles @ Boston
    Milwaukee @ Chicago
    Atlanta @ *Capital
    New York @ *Capital


    10/26/74 Seattle @ Portland
    Philadelphia @ Seattle
    K.C.-Omaha @ Detroit
    Los Angeles @ Portland
    Chicago @ Milwaukee
    Boston @ Buffalo
    Portland @ Milwaukee
    Chicago @ Detroit
    Milwaukee @ Boston
    Los Angeles @ Detroit
    Los Angeles @ Seattle
    Portland @ Washington
    Seattle @ Boston
    Golden State @ Boston
    Milwaukee @ Chicago
    Chicago @ K.C.-Omaha
    Chicago @ Washington
    Buffalo @ New York
    Cleveland @ K.C.-Omaha


    11/23/75 % Philadelphia @ Atlanta
    '' % Milwaukee @ Seattle
    12/7/75 Golden State @ Seattle
    12/21/75 Los Angeles @ Cleveland
    1/11/76 Boston @ Philadelphia
    1/25/76 ^ Buffalo @ Boston
    '' ^ Chicago @ Kansas City
    2/1/76 Washington @ Golden State
    2/3/76 ALL-STAR GAME (in Philadelphia)
    2/8/76 Buffalo @ Philadelphia
    2/15/76 Los Angeles @ Washington
    2/22/76 Los Angeles @ Seattle
    '' & Philadelphia @ Golden State
    2/29/76 Golden State @ Boston
    3/5/76 Golden State @ Los Angeles
    3/7/76 Milwaukee @ Kansas City
    3/14/76 Washington @ Boston
    3/21/76 Houston @ Seattle
    3/28/76 Buffalo @ Washington
    4/4/76 Buffalo @ Boston
    '' & Philadelphia @ Detroit
    4/11/76 Boston @ Washington
    '' & Kansas City @ Buffalo


    12/25/76 Chicago @ Kansas City
    Los Angeles @ Detroit
    New York @ Golden State
    Denver @ Seattle
    Seattle @ Phoenix
    San Antonio @ Seattle
    Los Angeles @ Philadelphia
    Denver @ Phoenix
    Los Angeles @ Washington
    Boston @ Golden State
    Philadelphia @ Seattle
    Chicago @ Golden State
    Washington @ Golden State
    Portland @ Phoenix
    Golden State @ Denver

    *= The Bullets were known as the Capital Bullets for the 1973-74
    season. They became the Washington Bullets the next season.

    %= Regional NBA telecasts

    ^= One game was televised that day. CBS had asked the NBA to schedule
    both games so they could choose which one to televise, from what I understand.

    &= Doubleheaders

    += Tape Delay
    1979-80 Season

    10-12-79(Friday): LA Lakers vs San Diego Clippers 11:30pm+
    12-25-79(Tuesday): Philadelphia vs Washington 12:30pm
    1-20-80(Sunday): Seattle vs Boston 12pm
    1-27-80(Sunday)- Regional Action 1pm
    Atlanta vs San Antonio
    San Diego Clippers vs Boston
    2-3-80(Sunday): NBA All Star Game @ Landover, MD 1pm West vs East 2-10-80(Sunday): LA Lakers vs Philadephia 1pm
    2-17-80(Sunday): Boston vs Seattle 3:45pm
    2-24-80(Sunday)- Regional Action 1pm
    Milwaukee vs Kansas City
    San Diego Clippers vs Chicago
    3-2-80(Sunday)- Double header
    LA Lakers vs Phoenix 1pm
    Milwaukee vs San Diego Clippers 3:45pm
    3-9-80(Sunday): Philadelphia vs San Antonio 1pm
    3-16-80(Sunday)- Regional Action 2pm
    NY Knicks vs Washington
    Phoenix vs LA Lakers
    Kansas City Kings vs Milwaukee
    3-21-80(Friday): Phoenix vs Portland 11:30pm+
    3-23-80(Sunday): NY Knicks vs Philadelphia 1pm
    3-28-80(Friday): San Diego vs LA Lakers 11:30pm+
    3-30-80(Sunday): Boston vs Philadelphia 1pm

    1980-81 Season

    10-10-80(Friday): LA Lakers vs Seattle 11:30pm+
    12-25-80(Thursday): Boston vs NY Knicks 12:30pm
    1-18-81(Sunday): LA Lakers vs Boston 1pm
    1-25-81(Sunday)- Regional Action 12pm
    Phoenix vs Philadelphia
    Seattle vs Boston
    2-1-81(Sunday)- NBA All-Star Game @ Cleveland 1pm West vs East 2-8-81(Sunday): LA Lakers vs Philadelphia 1pm
    2-22-81(Sunday)- Double Header
    LA Lakers vs NY Knicks 1pm
    Philadelphia vs Phoenix 3:30pm
    3-1-81(Sunday)- Double Header
    Philadelphia vs Boston 1pm
    Phoenix vs LA Lakers 3:30pm
    3-8-81(Sunday)- Regional Action 1pm
    Chicago vs Washington
    Milwaukee vs Philadelphia
    3-15-81(Sunday)- Regional Action 1pm
    Philadelphia vs NY Knicks
    Chicago vs Kanssa City Kings
    3-22-81(Sunday): Boston vs Philadelphia 1pm
    3-27-81(Friday): LA Lakers vs Seattle 11:30pm+
    3-29-81(Sunday): Philadelphia vs Boston 1pm

    1981-82 Season

    10-30-81(Friday): Houston vs LA Lakers 11:30pm+
    12-25-81(Friday)- Double Header
    NJ Nets vs NY Knicks 1pm
    LA Lakers vs Phoenix 3:30pm
    1-17-82(Sunday): Philadelphia vs New Jersey 1pm
    1-22-82(Friday): Detroit vs LA Lakers 11:30pm+
    1-24-82(Sunday): Portland vs Boston 12pm
    1-31-82(Sunday)- NBA All Star Game @ East Rutherford, NJ
    2-7-82(Sunday): LA Lakers vs Boston 12pm
    2-14-82(Sunday): Boston vs LA Lakers 3:45pm
    2-21-82(Sunday): Phoenix vs Philadelphia 1pm
    2-28-82(Sunday): Milwaukee vs Boston 12pm
    3-7-82(Sunday): LA Lakers vs Philadelphia 1pm
    3-14-82(Sunday): Phoenix vs Boston 12pm
    3-28-82(Sunday): Philadelphia vs Boston 2pm
    4-2-82(Friday): San Antonio vs Seattle 11:30pm+
    4-4-82(Sunday)- Double Header
    Houston vs San Antonio 1pm
    Portland vs LA Lakers 3:30pm
    4-11-82(Sunday): Boston vs Philadelphia 1pm
    4-16-82(Friday): Golden State vs LA Lakers 11:30pm+
    4-18-82(Sunday)- Double Header
    Milwaukee vs Philadelphia 1pm
    Portland vs LA Lakers 3:30pm

    1982-83 Season
    11-7-82(Sunday): Seattle vs Milwaukee 3:30pm
    11-14-82(Sunday): Washington vs Philadelphia 3:30pm
    1-30-83(Sunday): LA Lakers vs Boston 1pm
    2-13-83(Sunday)- NBA All Star Game @ LA 3:30pm East vs West
    3-6-83(Sunday): Philadelphia vs New Jersey 12pm
    4-15-83(Friday): Seattle vs LA Lakers 11:30pm+
    4-17-83(Friday): Philadelphia vs Boston 1pm

    1983-84 Season

    10-29-83(Saturday): San Antonio vs Houston 3:45pm
    12-25-83(Sunday): NJ Nets vs NY Knicks 3:30pm
    1-15-84(Sunday): Boston vs Milwaukee 1pm
    1-29-84(Sunday)- NBA All Star Game @ Denver 2pm East vs West
    2-12-84(Sunday): Philadelphia vs Boston 3:30pm
    2-26-84(Sunday): LA Lakers vs Philadelphia 12pm
    3-4-84(Sunday): LA Lakers vs Detroit 12pm
    4-8-84(Sunday)- Double Header
    Philadelphia vs NY Knicks 1pm
    LA Lakers vs Portland 3:30pm

    1984-85 Season

    10-27-84(Saturday): Houston vs Dallas 3:30pm
    12-25-84(Tuesday): Detroit vs Philadelphia 3:30pm
    1-13-85(Sunday): LA Lakers vs Detroit 12pm
    1-20-85(Sunday): Boston vs Philadelphia 1pm
    2-10-85(Sunday)- NBA All Star Game @ Indianapolis 1:45pm West vs East 2-17-85(Sunday): Boston vs LA Lakers 3:45pm
    2-24-85(Sunday): LA Lakers vs NY Knicks 12pm
    4-7-85(Sunday)- Double Header
    NY Knicks vs Boston 1pm
    Portland vs LA Lakers 3:30pm

    1985-86 Season

    10-26-85(Saturday): Philadelphia vs NY Knicks 1pm
    12-25-85(Wed.): Boston vs NY Knicks 3:30pm
    1-19-86(Sunday): LA Lakers vs Detroit 12pm
    1-26-86(Sunday): Philadelphia vs Boston 12pm
    2-9-86(Sunday)- NBA All Star Game @ Dallas 1:45pm East vs West 2-16-86(Sunday): Boston vs LA Lakers 3:30pm
    2-23-86(Sunday): LA Lakers vs Philadelphia 12pm
    3-2-86(Sunday): Detroit vs Boston 2pm
    3-9-86(Sunday): Indiana vs Philadelphia 1pm
    4-6-86(Sunday)- Double Header
    Boston vs Philadelphia 1pm
    LA Lakers vs Houston 3:30pm

    1986-87 Season

    11-1-86(Saturday): LA Lakers vs Houston 3:30pm
    12-25-86(Thursday): Chicago vs NY Knicks 12pm
    1-18-87(Sunday): Houston vs Boston 12pm
    1-24-87(Saturday): LA Lakers vs Dallas 3:30pm
    1-25-87(Sunday): Philadelphia vs Boston 1pm
    2-1-87(Sunday): Houston vs Atlanta 1pm
    2-8-87(Sunday)- NBA All Star Game @ Seattle 3pm East vs West
    2-15-87(Sunday): Boston vs LA Lakers 3:30pm
    2-28-87(Saturday): Milwaukee vs Chicago 3:30pm
    3-1-87(Sunday): Philadelphia vs Houston 2pm
    3-8-87(Sunday): Boston vs Detroit 12pm
    4-5-87(Sunday)- Double Header
    Boston vs Philadelphia 1pm
    LA Lakers vs Denver 3:30pm
    4-19-87(Sunday): Atlanta vs Boston 1pm

    1987-88 Season

    12-12-87 (Saturday): Houston vs Chicago
    12-25-87 (Friday): Detroit vs NY Knicks 12pm
    1-16-88 (Saturday): Atlanta vs Dallas 1:30pm
    1-24-88(Sunday): LA Lakers vs Seattle 3:30pm
    1-31-88(Sunday): Philadelphia vs Boston 12pm
    2-7-88(Sunday)- All Star Game @ Chicago 1pm West vs East
    2-14-88(Sunday): Boston vs LA Lakers 3:30pm
    2-15-88(Monday): Atlanta vs Chicago 1:30pm
    2-21-88(Sunday): Detroit vs LA Lakers 3:30pm
    2-28-88(Sunday): Boston vs Detroit 12pm
    3-6-88(Sunday): LA Lakers vs Dallas 2pm
    3-13-88(Sunday): Atlanta vs Boston 12pm
    4-3-88(Sunday): CHicago vs Detroit 1:30pm
    4-10-88(Sunday): Boston vs Philadelphia 12:30pm
    4-17-88(Sunday): LA Lakers vs Houston 1pm
    4-24-88(Sunday): Boston vs Chicago 3:30pm

    1988-89 Season

    11-26-88(Saturday): LA Lakers vs Detroit 8:30pm
    12-25-88(Sunday): LA Lakers vs Utah 3:30pm
    1-15-89(Sunday): Boston vs Chicago 3:30pm
    1-22-89 (Sunday): Detroit vs Boston 12pm
    1-29-89(Sunday): LA Lakers vs Dallas 1pm
    2-5-89(Sunday): Chicago vs Detroit 2pm
    2-12-89(Sunday)- NBA All Star Game @ Houston 3:15pm East vs West 2-19-89(Sunday): Boston vs LA Lakers 3:30pm
    2-20-89(Monday): Houston vs Cleveland 1:30pm
    2-26-89(Sunday): Boston vs NY Knicks 2pm
    3-5-89(Sunday): LA Lakers vs Houston 3:30pm
    3-12-89(Sunday): Denver vs Boston 12pm
    4-2-89(Sunday): Boston vs Cleveland 1:30pm
    4-9-89(Sunday): Chicago vs Atlanta 12:30pm
    4-16-89(Sunday): Chicago vs Cleveland 1pm
    4-23-89(Sunday): Seattle vs LA Lakers 3:30pm

    1989-90 Season (Last Season)
    11-25-89(Saturday): Chicago vs Golden State 3:30pm
    12-25-89(Monday): Cleveland vs Atlanta 3:30pm
    1-21-90(Sunday)- Double Header
    LA Lakers vs Detroit 12pm
    NY Knicks vs Chicago 2:30pm
    1-28-90(Sunday): Phoenix vs Boston 12:30pm
    2-4-90(Sunday): Utah vs Detroit 1pm
    2-11-90(Sunday)- NBA All Star Game at Miami 3pm West vs East
    2-18-90(Sunday): Boston vs LA Lakers 3:309pm
    2-19-90(Monday): Houston vs Chicago 1:30pm
    2-25-90(Sunday): Detroit vs NY Knicks 12pm
    3-4-90(Sunday): Chicago vs Boston 2pm
    3-11-90(Sunday): LA Lakers vs Atlanta 12pm
    4-1-90(Sunday): Utah vs LA Lakers 3:30pm
    4-8-90(Sunday): Detroit vs Cleveland 12pm
    4-15-90(Sunday): NY Knicks vs Boston 1pm
    4-22-90(Sunday): Boston vs Philadelphia 1pm

    1977-78 CBS

    REGULAR SEASON (partial)
    Fri. 28Oct77 Philadelphia @Portland
    Sun. 25Dec77 Cleveland @Buffalo
    Sun. 15Jan78 Portland @Boston
    Sun. 22Jan78 Washington @Phoenix
    Sun. 29Jan78
    Sun. 5Feb78 NBA All-Star Game
    Sun. 12Feb78 Denver @Portland
    Sun. 12Feb78 Washington @Phoenix
    Sun. 19Feb78 Los Angeles @Golden State
    Sun. 26Feb78 Philadelphia @Seattle
    Sun. 5Mar78 Philadelphia @Phoenix
    Sun. 5Mar78 Milwaukee @Portland
    Sun. 12Mar78 Philadelphia @Boston
    Sun. 12Mar78 Golden State @Kansas City
    Sun. 12Mar78 New York @Philadelphia
    Sun. 19Mar78 San Antonio @Seattle
    Sun. 26Mar78 Portland @Philadelphia
    Sun. 26Mar78 Boston @Seattle
    Sun. 9Apr78 Buffalo @Boston

    1978-79 CBS

    REGULAR SEASON (partial)
    Sat. 14Oct78 San Diego @Golden State
    Sat. 11Nov78 San Diego @Houston
    Sat. 25Dec78 Philadelphia @New York
    Sun. 14Jan79 New York @Kansas City (r)
    Sun. 14Jan79 Chicago @Milwaukee (r)
    Sun. 14Jan79 Los Angeles @Seattle (r)
    Sun. 21Jan79
    Sun. 28Jan79 Philadelphia @ Portland
    Sun. 4Feb79 NBA All-Star Game
    Sun. 11Feb79 Philadelphia @Washington
    Sun. 18Feb79 Washington @ Seattle
    Sun. 25Feb79
    Sun. 4Mar79 Philadelphia @Phoenix
    Sun. 4Mar79 Houston @Seattle
    Sun. 11Mar79 Portland @Kansas City
    Sun. 18Mar79
    Sun. 25Mar79 Los Angeles @Denver
    Sun. 1Apr79 Los Angeles @Philadelphia
    Sun. 8Apr79 Denver @Philadelphia

    1973-74 CBS

    Sat. 20Oct73 Atlanta @Phoenix
    Fri. 26Oct73 Buffalo @Cleveland (Toronto)
    Sat. 3Nov73 Capital @Philadelphia
    Sun. 18Nov73 Chicago @Detroit
    Sat. 10Nov73 Kansas City-Omaha @Milwaukee
    Sat. 17Nov73 Portland @Houston
    Sat. 1Dec73 Seattle @Atlanta
    Sun. 6Jan74 Phoenix @Chicago
    Sun. 13Jan74 Boston @Atlanta
    Tue. 15Jan74 NBA All-Star Game
    Sun. 20Jan74 Los Angeles @Milwaukee
    Sun. 27Jan74 New York @Atlanta
    Sun. 3Feb74 Capital @Boston
    Sun. 10Feb74 Los Angeles @Chicago
    Sun. 17Feb74 Milwaukee @New York
    Sun. 24Feb74 Milwaukee @Kansas City-Omaha
    Sun. 3Mar74 New York @Boston
    Sun. 10Mar74 Los Angeles @Boston
    Sun 17Mar74 Milwaukee @Chicago
    Sun. 24Mar74 Atlanta @Capital

    1974-75 CBS

    Sun. 27Oct74 Seattle @Portland
    Sun. 10Nov74 Philadelphia @Seattle
    Sun. 8Dec74 Kansas City-Omaha @Detroit
    Sun. 15Dec74 Los Angeles @Portland
    Sun. 5Jan75 Chicago @Milwaukee
    Thu. 9Jan75 Boston @Buffalo (Toronto)
    Tue. 14Jan75 NBA All-Star Game
    Sun. 19Jan75 Portland @Milwaukee
    Sun. 26Jan75 Chicago @Detroit
    Sun. 2Feb75 Milwaukee @Boston
    Sun. 9Feb75 Los Angeles @Detroit
    Sun. 16Feb75 Los Angeles @Seattle
    Sun. 23Feb75 Portland @Washington
    Sun. 2Mar75 Seattle @Boston
    Sun. 9Mar75 Golden State @Boston
    Sun. 16Mar75 Milwaukee @Chicago
    Sun. 23Mar75 Chicago @Kansas City-Omaha
    Sun. 30Mar75 Chicago @Washington
    Sun. 6Apr75 Buffalo @New York
    Sun. 6Apr75 Cleveland @Kansas City-Omaha

    1975-76 CBS

    Sun. 23Nov75 Philadelphia @Atlanta (r)
    Sun. 23Nov75 Milwaukee @Seattle (r)
    Sun. 7Dec75 Golden State @Seattle
    Sun. 21Dec75 Los Angeles @Cleveland
    Sun. 11Jan76 Boston @Philadelphia
    Sun. 25Jan76 Buffalo @Boston
    Sun. 25Jan76 Chicago @Kansas City
    Sun. 1Feb76 Washington @Golden State
    Tue. 3Feb76 NBA All-Star Game
    Sun. 8Feb76 Buffalo @Philadelphia
    Sun. 15Feb76 Los Angeles @Washington
    Sun. 22Feb76 Los Angeles @Seattle
    Sun. 22Feb76 Philadelphia @Golden State
    Sun. 29Feb76 Golden State @Boston
    Fri. 5Mar76 Golden State @Los Angeles
    Sun. 7Mar76 Milwaukee @Kansas City
    Sun. 14Mar76 Washington @Boston
    Sun. 21Mar76 Houston @Seattle
    Sun. 28Mar76 Buffalo @Washington
    Sun. 4Apr76 Buffalo @Boston
    Sun. 4Apr76 Philadelphia @Detroit
    Sun. 11Apr76 Boston @Washington
    Sun. 11Apr76 Kansas City @Buffalo

    1976-77 CBS

    Sat. 25Dec76 Chicago @Kansas City
    Sun. 9Jan77 Los Angeles @Detroit
    Sun. 16Jan77 New York @Golden State
    Sun. 16Jan77 Denver @Seattle
    Sun. 23Jan77 Seattle @Phoenix
    Sun. 30Jan77 San Antonio @Seattle
    Sun. 6Feb77 Los Angeles @Philadelphia
    Sun. 6Feb77 Denver @Phoenix
    Sun. 13Feb77 NBA All-Star Game
    Sun. 20Feb77 Los Angeles @Washington
    Sun. 20Feb77 Boston @Golden State
    Sun. 27Feb77 Philadelphia @Seattle
    Sun. 6Mar77 Chicago @Golden State
    Sun. 13Mar77 Washington @Golden State
    Sun. 20Mar77 Portland @Phoenix
    Sun. 27Mar77 Golden State @Denver

    Here are some of the missing games:

    These were in the listings from the Santa Fe New Mexican TV listings
    on their actual game date. This paper listed all the regional games,
    and said the game shown depended on region.

    1/29/78 Philadelphia at Denver

    1/21/79 Phi-Bos or Chi-Cle (r)
    2/25/79 Wash-Sea or Chi-KC (r)
    3/18/79 San Antonio-Milwaukee (Chi. Daily Herald, also Wichita, New
    York and Philadelphia),

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