• Takes one to know one (was: Will Clark is a jerk)

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    Clark is a great ballplayer. Not many players in baseball have
    his intensity and desire to win. So many players now a days are just >concerned with next years contract and really don't give a hoot
    about winning a championship. Rickey Henderson comes to mind.

    Rickey Henderson comes to mind as a ballplayer who doesn't care
    about winning a championship. I see.

    Well, as I recall, Henderson and Clark met in the '89 World Series.
    If memory serves, the Rickey and Jose-led A's destroyed the Giants
    in four straight.

    Does this mean that Rickey Henderson doesn't care about winning a championship, but is SO MUCH BETTER than Will Clark that he can
    win without trying? Or does it mean that maybe you know nothing about
    what is in a player's heart or mind, because there's just no way
    to tell?

    Which of the points would you care to concede?

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    And as I recall, the A's STERIODED their way past the Giants....A series that Clark was seriously sick in (Tonsilitis/high Fever) and he still played through it. Finally Clark, who played half as long as Henderson, STILL has equal and, even more, better
    stasts. Henderson...no where near the Heart of Clark.

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