• Jewish Who's Who Of Sports (Expanded Edition): LEAFLET, MY TUCHIS!!

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    Thanks for the link, Tim. I forwarded some samples of Darrin's work to
    webmaster there. He can decide to complain and/or issue a C&D order at

    Matt, if such is the case, NATE (webmaster) and I will be sure to have a good
    laugh at your expense!eheheh I will also be sure to tag your name onto my >possible civil & criminal lawsuit!! Then you can tell the judge, "but your >honor, I concocted false allegations, twisted the law, because I suffer from
    frailties so severe, that I am unable to come to terms with Jewish athletes &
    Jewish success." eheheheee Not only will you be fined & imprisoned, but you >will also be sent for a 72 hr. observation (with good reason, judging from your
    maniacal behavior online)
    at your local loony bin!ehehehe

    Here is the response I got from the Jewhoo webmaster. The 'he hasnt been that weird' was in response to one your fits on this newsgroup. Turns out he's not too crazy about you using his copyrighted works and I don't blame him.

    I advised him that legal proceedings (ie issuing a C&D) would probably not
    be worth his while as you're just a crackpot. I suspect he'll just get you TOSsed from AOL, but that's completely his decision.

    Goodbye, bubbala. PLONK.


    He writes me every once in a while---but he hasnt been that weird---except
    has an unnatural interest in porn. We took down the Ben Stein article a long long time ago. We linked to it anyway. I thought he was a bit off it--but I had no idea. The point of my site is not to feel superior to ANYONE. Certainly, posting the handful of Jews in major league baseball is almost absurd if that is his aim. But who can analyze a nut?

    Please remove any of our copyrighted material as soon as possible. Any web page reproductions--etc. I would really appreciate that. The fact of
    being Jewish is not copyrightable. But our stuff is.

    Do you have any thoughts on how to proceed against him? I can threaten
    action---but thats an expensive road to hoe. I will ask him politely and hopefully it will end. Thank you for making me aware of this.


    Matt Deres, if you are still out there, just nod if you can hear me! ehe What are the legal ramifications of divulging personal email convos to the public? DOH! Did Nate give you the permission to do so? I think not! Regardless, Jewhoo is kaput, and Nate
    is one to talk about being a weirdo. eh This spiteful response of his directly stemmed from my having once questioned his decision to remove and/or omit Jewish names, simply because he did not want to offend anti-Semites. LOL!
    In essence, if we lessen the number of famous Jews in proportion to their 2% standing in the American population, anti-Semites will hate Jews less?ehe As for a handful of athletes? Nate of all people should know that Jews are so few in number, yet so
    great in ability. As it had to be a Jew by the name of Lipman Pike who became the first professionally paid baseball player. It had to be a Jew by the name of Barney Dreyfuss who created The World Series. It had to be a Jew by the name of Sandy Koufax
    who became the Greatest Southpaw in MLB history. This is all besides the fact that it was far from a handful of athletes. As one member in this thread remarked (paraphrasing from memory): "I am starting to believe that Jews do not comprise a measly 13
    Million of the world's population. There were 13 million Jewish athletes listed!" ehehe
    As for Porn? While I do love Classic Erotica, Nate is the one who listed Jewish porn stars on his site. Jerry Butler (b. Paul Seiderman) being one of them. Since he's a fellow Sheepshead Bay Bklynite, I was kind enough to update Jewhoo with his present-
    day life. After his legendary career in erotica, Jerry became an Ambulette driver. If you lived in Sheepshead Bay, you were bound to run into him. Be it at a pizzeria or diner.
    I still say that "Raw Talent" (his seminal film - no pun intended ehe) was the greatest adult-film ever made. Natural acting, original storyline, rockin' soundtrack, shot on location in NYC, and the hilarious karate scenes between Jerry and fellow
    Jewish NYer Ron Jeremy. eh Although the re-release of Raw Talent edited those scenes, and a few other Politically Incorrect moments that should have never been removed from the film. -D, "Afterall, I was representing a couple of million Jews against a
    hundred million Gentiles, and I was always in the spotlight. I felt a responsibility. I was there every day, every SOB was calling me names so that I had to make good. As time went by, I came to feel as if I, as a Jew, hit a home-run, I was hitting one
    against Hitler." - HAMMERING HANK GREENBERG, "The Jewish Babe Ruth," commenting on the 1938 season when he hit 58 home-runs and was approaching Ruth's record of 60

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