• Will Clark is a jerk

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    Lol so since he is a good. All player and plays heard means he can't be an asshole? Yeah ok, I have an experience with that tool that would say otherwise

    Dude you're replying to someone from 1993. IT'S 2016 MAN.


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    Will Clark should be hit in the face with a 100 mph fastball.

    Always in the game,

    So I'm watching the Giants/A's first game of the World Series on Youtube right now and they brought up Jeffrey calling Will a racist. I put their names into a Google search because I totally forgot about their fight (in Philadelphia I think?) and found
    my way here. I wonder if any of the original people from 1993 know that all their comments still exist? Reading them all has me laughing. I can say from personal experience that Will was a jerk, but he also gave me an autograph before a Giants/Cubs game
    that I went to on my birthday in 1990. I still have the card all these years later. Also the most recent comment here said that Will was better than Rickey. Not even Will would agree with that. Now I wonder if someone from 2047 will stumble upon my
    comment? If so, hello from the past. Hopefully the right wingers haven't destroyed everything and you're doing good person in the future. Bye now....

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