• What will MLB look like in 2020? (no pun intended)

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    On Wednesday, October 23, 2002 at 3:03:17 PM UTC-7, Ben Edelman wrote:
    Now you're just being silly.

    How about random speculation on the MVP/CY/HOF for each league? That might be
    more fun. I'd go with:

    2020 AL MVP: The rising but stuck-up third-generation major leaguer, Trey Kenneth Griffey, who becomes the first 50-50 player ever

    2020 NL MVP: Prince Fielder, son of Cecil, who as DH for Milwaukee uses his poly-resin Indonesian-teak bat to hit .258 with 82 HR and 214 K

    2020 AL CY: Danny Almonte, who only makes it to the majors in 2018 after being
    black-listed by MLB for over a decade

    2020 NL CY: Seung-Chin Tsao, whose submarine delivery allows him to give up only
    109 hits in 226 innings -- but 56 of those hits are home runs

    2020 HOF entrants: It's an all-Rodriguez year, with:

    Alex Rodriguez, who gets in with a record 99.9% of the vote (one disgruntled Seattle reporter dissenting),

    Ivan Rodriguez, with Johnny Bench graciously introducing him the "Greatest Defensive Catcher of All-Time" while privately gritting his teeth, and

    Francisco Rodriguez, who gets in despite a short career which ended when his body rejected its new combination titanium and chimpanzee-transplanted elbow at
    age 32

    How's that?


    4dtvman wrote:

    I don't know why I even care about this, since I would be 59 and much
    too old to do or enjoy anything. But what the heck, I thought it would
    be fun to try to guess at it based on my knowledge about the folks who currently run baseball. Here's what I think Major League Baseball's divisional alignment will look like in the year 2020:

    NL - East

    Atlanta Braves
    NY Mets
    Philadelphia Phillies
    Florida Marlins
    Montreal Expos

    NL - Central

    St. Louis Cardinals
    Houston Astros
    Pittsburgh Pirates
    Cincinnati Reds
    Milwaukee Brewers
    Chicago Cubs

    NL - West

    Arizona Diamondbacks
    San Francisco Giants
    Los Angeles Dodgers
    San Diego Padres
    Colorado Rockies

    AL - East

    NY Yankees
    Boston Red Sox
    Baltimore Orioles
    Toronto Blue Jays
    Tampa Bay Devil Rays

    AL - Central

    Minnesota Twins
    Cleveland Indians
    Chicago White Sox
    Detroit Tigers
    Kansas City Royals

    AL - West

    Oakland A's
    Anaheim Angels
    Seattle Mariners
    Texas Rangers

    Okay, whadaya think?


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