• Scandal of Australia & Facebook Crisis

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    Scandal of Australia & Facebook Crisis
    The mutual escalation taken place between Australia and Facebook due to the reciprocal blackmail event between them reveled the ugly face of Social Media Companies and much ugly face for the Australian government should be considered a lot before being
    aggravated globally; particularly the two parties are ruffians. Each of them gets his strength from his international parties and his financial and political camps.
    The US Facebook Company caused a global tumult with its decision banning all news’ content from Australia suffering from severe violations for the human rights on both the internal and external levels.
    The US CNN Network divulged the two parties although one of them is a blind allay for The United States and the other is a large US Company. It reported that it was the first time for Facebook to determine to enter into a direct political conflict with
    governments, which in turn may demonstrate its power and strong influence on political decision making in the world; particularly Australia has a lot of Points of weakness due to its crimes committed against the aboriginal population in addition to war
    crimes committed in the places where its forces and troops are existed including Afghanistan.
    The Australian got up in a morning while they were unable to browse any news on their accounts on the Facebook in a clear escalation from the part of the US Company against the Australian Government. Due to the conflict existing between them as the
    latter refused to pay a consideration for the content. Such matter, in turn, demonstrates the big haughtiness of the two parties.
    The measure taken by Facebook came after the lapse of few hours from the consent of Google on the payment made by News Corp Private Company belonging to Robert Mardoukh a consideration of the content taken from news websites about its media empire.
    The equivocal and unfair Australian Law obligates Facebook and Google to reach trading agreements with news websites or being subjected to the compulsory arbitration to agree on the financial consideration for the news content.
    In a statement delivered by Facebook, Facebook stated that the law expected to be adopted by the Parliament within days misunderstand a lot the relationship between it and the publishers. It added that it faced a difficult choice between compliance or
    banning the news content.
    The owner and founder of Facebook Mr. Mark Zuckerberg tried in a pervious time to convince the haughty Australian Government to draw back the new content claimed to be launched.
    However, Republic World Journal stated that The Australian Treasury Minister \ Josh Frydenberg failed to convince Zuckerberg with the necessity to draw back the law.
    The meeting held between the Zuckerberg and the Australian Minister did not solve the dispute existing between them regarding the proposed changes of the laws of Mass Media.
    The step taken by Facebook was faced with an aggressive attack and assault by Australian prime Minister \ Scott Morrison who said that his country shall not subject to such blackmail. He added: (the acts done by Facebook with cancelling the friendship of
    Australia and disconnecting the basic information services related to health and emergency services was a haughtiness from its part besides being disappointing.)
    In a state of haughtiness, Australian Prime Minister threatened by making such case as an international case and arousing the World Public Opinion against Facebook by saying: (I am on a regular contact with the leaders of the other countries regarding
    such cases. We shall not simply fear.)
    There are 17 Million Australians logging into Facebook website daily. Therefore, such decision taken by Facebook is considered largely influential upon them. The Australian government cannot do anything for them except threatening Facebook.
    The comments given by the rest of Australian Politicians were much aggressive and extremist since Prime Minister of Western Australia \ Mark McGowan said that: Facebook is considered with such act like the Dictator of North Korea).
    Manager of Human Rights Watch Organization in Australia \ Ellen Pearson also said: (Disconnecting the reach of the vital information from a whole country at the still of the night from a whole country is considered an unacceptable and unreasonable matter)
    . The strangest thing is that no sound or opinion is heard for such international human rights organization regarding the internally and externally known human rights violations committed by Sydney).

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