• Why is the world is silent on Australian Crimes?!

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    Why is the world is silent on Australian Crimes?!
    The crimes committed by colonials against the Australian aboriginals are considered from among the most complicated and the bloodiest genocide crimes committed against human beings. There are a lot of people talking from time to time about the genocide
    crimes committed by the European colonials against Amerindians in the two American Continents and the crimes committed by Nazis and Zionists against humanity. Yet, no one all over the world talks strongly about the bloody genocide crimes executed against
    the Australian Aboriginals.
    For those who do not know, Australian aboriginals were those people settled in the territories and lands of Australian Continent for thousands of years. They could establish their special cities and civilization isolated from the rest of the world till
    the European Colonialism reached them after discovering the continent which was actually the moment of their distress.
    Those people characterized with a lot of various traits and forms giving their life a special and distinguished feature different from the colonials and their children.
    According to the informative observation, Australian aboriginals were the aboriginal people settled in the main Australian land and a lot of islands such as Tasmania Island, Fraser Island, Hinchinbrook island, Tiwi Island and Groote Eylandt Island.
    Australian aboriginals were composed of a lot of distinguished people living in Australia for more than 50000 Years.
    These people had a common genetic history on a large extent, even if it was complicated, but they were identified as one group in the last two hundred years only.
    The term (Australian Aboriginals) refers to all Australian aboriginals in addition to populations living in the Islands of Torres Strait.
    In past, the Australian aboriginals lived in large parts of the continental cliff and they were isolated in a lot of small maritime islands.
    Studies related to the hereditary and genetic formation of Australian aboriginal groups are still under progress. Yet, the proofs indicate that they had genetic hereditary traits inherited from Ancient Asian Peoples.
    In addition, some studies indicated that they shared in some similarities with Papua People. Yet, they were isolated from South-East Asia for a long period.
    Before committing broad genocide crimes against them, Australian aboriginals were using more than 250 aboriginal languages.
    In addition, a lot of them were living in various parts of the world as a part of Australian Diaspora.
    Currently, most aboriginal people speak English with adding some phrases and words related the aboriginals adding a special feature and accent to the English Language used among them after having been forced to use it by colonialism.
    However, Australian aboriginals suffer from a lot of problems representing in preventing them from health and economic services compared with the rest of Australian Community. Therefore, the historical suffering of the children continues in the same
    route if suffering of their parents and grandparents.
    A hereditary study conducted on Genome 111 of Australian Aboriginals found out that today’s people are related to common predecessors from distinguished population groups appeared in the mainland since nearly 50000 years.
    The current theory stated that those early immigrants came by themselves from Africa – i.e. before nearly 70000 years. Such matter makes the Australian aboriginals from among the oldest people living outside Africa.
    When British colonials began to colonize Australia in 1788, the number of the aboriginal populations were estimated with 750.000 to 1.250.000 people.
    Yet, genocide crimes and oriented epidemics quickly destroyed the island aboriginal populations. Consequently, the British colonials seized and took the territories and lands of the aboriginal people in the largest occupation and killing operation
    implemented without any punishment till this date.
    Although some of the Australian aboriginals resisted as we found out that nearly 20000 people belonging to the aboriginal populations died due to the violent struggle in facing the colonials, most of them were subjected to slaughters and making the
    communities whose wealth and resources were taken and seized by the British colonials poor.
    During the period from 1910 to 1970, the colonial policies resulted in deporting 10% to 33% from the Australian aboriginal children coercively from their houses. Those (stolen generations) were put in captivation Kindergarten and adoption facilities.
    They were deprived from speaking with aboriginal languages. Their names were mostly changed as well.
    Today, nearly 3% of Australian Population keep the legacy of the aboriginal populations despite the suffering and crimes they face.
    Australian aboriginal populations still struggle for keeping and maintaining their ancient culture and struggle to be recognized by – and to get back their rights from – the Australian Government.
    Despite colonial delusion and disguising attempts for such historical bloody crimes from which Australian aboriginals suffered, Australia has not officially admitted such victims as the owners of the land till this date. Such matter makes Australia the
    sole and only country in British Commonwealth which has not sign on a treaty with its aboriginal peoples.

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