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    Hell is called Australia
    Muhammed abubakr
    "With humble, I would like to say that this price is just a victory; a victory not only for us but it is a victory for literature and art. Above all, it is a victory for humanity". These are deep words and phrases quoted from the speech delivered by
    Kurdish – Iranian Journalist \ Behrouz Boochani in the celebration held due to his winning with Victoria Literary prize – the best and highest prize of Literature in Australia for his book entitled: "No Friend but the Mountains: writing from Manus
    Behrouz was born in Ilam, Western of Iran in 1983, He graduated from "House of Education" and "House of Teachers" in Tehran with Master Degree in Political Sciences and Political Geography. He was writing for Werya Magazine issued in Kurdish Language
    raided and attacked by elements from Iranian Revolutionary Guards in February 2013 and detained 9 of his colleagues.
    Behrouz had left Iran as he felt that he was living in a prison for a long time or for fearing to be murdered by the regime there. Unfortunately, the trip was ended for him by being prisoned in another prison which was a prison built by a state claimed
    that it is a liberal democratic state.
    His boat having more than 60 persons seeking for Asylum was confronted by Australian Naval forces while it was on its way to Indonesia in 2013. He was quickly sent to Manus affiliated to Papua, New Guinea.
    Boochani spent years in writing his novels whose events were taken from his experiences he had on the island. He documents such events in the form of short messages written in Persian. He sent such short messages to translators by using WhatsApp Service.
    His journalist works were widely published in Australian Mass Media. He delivered distant speeches in universities all over the world. He produced a film from the island which he filmed by his cellular phone. At the same time, he continued his writings
    about the Iranian and Kurdish policies for printouts in Iran. Behrouz Boochani is a simple example who does not represent a mosquito wing (a trivial thing) in the history of Australia and its crimes committed in the field of human rights. There is
    another example represented in the novel entitled: (The English Travelers" for author \ Matthew Kneale (1960). It was translated into Arabic by \ Ali Mohamed Soliman. It is a historical novel about the genocide committed against the aboriginal
    Australians by the white colonialists. Such genocide was committed in a systemized manner throughout one half of a century – during the period from 1820 to 1870. Therefore, only little number from such aboriginal Australians were left but they were
    hybrid populations as a result of the rapes committed by white people for aboriginal women. The majority of rapers were from among the severest and cruelest criminals who were ousted by the British Authorities by sending them o exile at such distant
    countries. Ship of Rescue (Salvation) – which was a sailing ship – reached the shores of Tasmania Island in the farthest western coast of Australia. It was steered by a captain called (Illiam Quillian Kewely). He was hiding at its bottom quantities
    of smuggled wines and tobacco in a wait for getting a chance for buying them and yielding a large amount of money by exploiting leasing it by an English Mission headed by Priest \ Jeffery Wilson – who thought according to geological information and
    other Torah – related information – that Heaven of Aden is located on such island. Jeffery Wilson was accompanied with dr. \ Thomas Porter – who was concerned with taking samples from the corpses of the aboriginals to put them in a museum in London
    as they were about to become extinct.
    Then, the novel becomes concerned about the events and the situations at such area colonialized by the white and treated its aboriginals (with dark skin) with superiority. They seized and captured their natural environment and left them victims for
    diseases they did not know before. So, they died of such diseased. In addition, a lot of them were killed by gunshots. "Bivay" – who was a hbrid – stated that he came to this world due to the pregnancy caused to his mother who was raped by a white
    settler. He decided to fight such settlers by using arrows of his own make. With the lapse of time, other fighters – who were also born from rapes committed by the settlers against the aboriginal women - joined him.
    Of course, we were all shocked when we heard the news transmitted by the news agencies regarding the declaration of Australian Army Commander with the existence of reliable proofs stated that there were some soldiers from Australian Special Forces killed
    illegally a number no less than 39 civilian Afghans who were not veterans. Such declaration was based on an investigation conducted by Canberra for years.
    He said: "To the Afghan People and on behalf of the Australian Defense Forces, I truly and without any reservation present my apology for any violations committed by the Australian Soldiers". He indicated that he recommended with the necessity to hold a
    trial for such soldiers with the accusations of committing war crimes. Memories were recalled for the participation of Australia in all US Campaigns executed in Iraq and Afghanistan and other wars in which it participated against peaceful countries which did not commit any harm or have any secret enmity. The harm and
    suffering experienced by Behrouz Boochani and such rape and genocide crimes executed against the aboriginals observed in the novel were actually taken place in addition to the declaration of the Australian Army with its crimes committed against the
    Afghani civilians are a simple brief for the black history of Australia in the field of human rights.
    Aboriginal Australian People

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