• Australian Bloody Record against Humanity

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    Australian Bloody Record against Humanity
    It seems that there is nothing which can be done by the community of Southern Earth to face the inhuman violations committed by the Community of the Advanced world and its peers. Man can do nothing except standing with shocking and an opened mouth in
    front of Australian Crimes related to killing civilians and children in Afghanistan.
    Australia, affiliated to The British Crown on the corporeal level even before the actual scope, took the initiative to participate for long years in all US and its allay British Campaigns executed in a lot of sites located in the southern of the
    The participation of Australia in Vietnam War was largely attributed to the escalation of communism in South-East of Asia after the second world war and due to its fear from its grown spread in Australia during the fifties and the beginning of the
    sixties of the 20th century. In the aftermath of the end of the Second World War, the French sought to confirm their control on the French Chinese India that was occupied by Japan.
    In 1950, Vietnam was divided into two parallel administrative regions; namely The Republic of Democratic Vietnam (Recognized by The Soviet Union and People’s Republic of China). In 1962 and since the US Armed Forces had nothing except little experience
    in the Jungle War, Australia declared its participation through the provision of consultants who were experts in the tactics of Jungle War. In this regard, the first response from the Australian Government was sending 30 military consultants under the
    name of Australian army Training Team in Vietnam. It was also known as the ((Team)). The Australian Military Aid was determined to be represented in training on Jungle War.
    During the following decade, such Australian reached its climax as Australia sent 7672 soldiers after the decision taken by Menzies’ Government in April, 1965 to increase the level of its military obligation regarding the security of Southern Vietnam.
    At the time in which the last Australian Soldier left Vietnam in 1972, Vietnam War has become the longest war in the History of Australia. It was not exceeded except lately through the long-term obligation of the fighting Australian Troops with war in
    Afghanistan. Such participation was the largest contribution by the Australian forces in a foreign dispute after the second world war.
    From Vietnam to the US Invasion for Iraq, named by the US media (Iraq Liberty War) whereas The United States occupied Iraq with the help of Britain and Australia under claims – whose authenticity has not been proved till this date – of the existence
    of mass destruction weapons in Iraq.
    At such time, both of Germany and France objected such war and their leaders confirmed the nonexistence of certain proofs for the existence of mass destruction weapons in Iraq and the invasion of Iraq was unjustified. The biggest anti-Iraq War
    demonstration was organized in Rome with gathering three million persons. Australia was from among the countries supporting the war by claiming that the free countries should be obligated to oust the cruel tyrants from the authority and power. In this regard, Howard Government obligated with providing a strong support to a
    large extent for the US Policy and it participated with 2000 soldiers in addition to a squadron of F\A-18 Horrent combat planes.
    From Iraq to Afghanistan as Australia participated in Second Afghanistan War started in December, 2001. Such war was waged by the International Security Assistance forces for prevailing security in Afghanistan (in short ISAF). Such forces were
    established pursuant to a resolution issued by The UN Security Council in 2003. ISAF forces were joined into NATO Allay. On 23/July/2009, ISAF had a number of troops reached 64.500 soldiers selected from 42 various countries with continuous supplies from
    NATO – ledearship center of this operation.
    The United States and The United Kingdom led the air raids’ campaign in 2002. Then, other soldiers from a number of countries including Australia joined into The US Marines and British Infantry troops.
    Australian Army Commander acknowledged the existence of a trustworthy proofs that some soldiers from Australian Special Forces illegally killed no less than 39 Afghani civilian citizens who were not from among the fighters. Such declaration was based on
    an investigation conducted by Canberra for years. It was said that the investigation reports shall reveal difficult and painful news for the Australians. The details disclosed later were shocking and terrifying details that should be strongly and
    decisively faced by humanity.

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