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    Australia’s Real Face !
    With the arrival of news and reports about killing Afghani civilians by the Australian forces, a number of the readers having no deep knowledge about the historical facts remain shocked and surprised as if it is the first time in which Australia raises
    its hand to harm and humiliate others. Yet, the crimes of Australia are in fact numerous.
    Hereinbelow, we shall provide another page from Australia’s black history. At the beginning of Australia, the battle for the Australians was either the European colonials or the Australian aboriginals. Of course, the answer was known.
    The black war is defined as the violent conflict period between the British Empire and the Australian aboriginals. Such was continued for the period from the mid-twenties to 1832 in the 19th century. Such conflict caused the death of a number ranged
    between 600.000 to 900.000 from the aboriginals causing the death and devastation of the aboriginals of the island, the semi-genocide for Tasmania’s aboriginals and the repeated and frequent genocide waged dispute among the historians about considering
    the black war or not.
    The escalation of violence at the late of the twenties made the ruler \ George Arthur declare the common law – to actively provide a legal immunity for killing the aboriginals. It also made him in the late of 1830 to issue an order with executing a
    huge military attack for six weeks – knownas the black line. In such attack, 2200 civilians and soldiers formed rings of mobile barriers extended for hundreds of kilometers along the island to force the aboriginals existing in the colonial regions to
    move to Tasmania Peninsula in the South – East Part as it is determined to make them under siege forever.
    The black war was followed with the quick spread of the British colonials throughout Australian Regions that were previously fishing traditional lands for the aboriginals.
    Historian \ Nicholas Clements said that the aboriginals adopted a resistance movement against the violating enemy or the occupying enemy as they suffered from cruel acts done by the Europeans in addition to widespread kidnapping, raping and killing their
    women and daughters by the prisoners, settlers and soldiers. However, since the late of the twenties in particular and due to their hunger, the aboriginals plundered settlers’ houses looking for food because of decreasing their fishing areas. At the
    same time, The European violence were based on thinking that the genocide for the aboriginals was the only means through which peace could be ensured. The European waged their attacks mainly at night or in the first hours of the dawn by the chasing
    groups or by roaming groups composed of civilians or soldiers. Women and children were almost the victims.
    Colonial Office in London reported that the aboriginals had already complained that the white people occupied their country and assaulted its lands and destroyed their natural food (Kangaroo) and suggested to settle them in a far part in the island to be
    allocated for them only …. Provided that they peacefully limit themselves to certain borders and remain there till their habits became more civilized. Following such proposal and in particular on 19/April/1828, declaration regarding the separation of
    the aboriginals from the white residents was announced. Such declaration divided the island into two parties for arrangement and limiting the communication between the white people and the black ones.
    Some people considered the declaration of dividing the island as the first acceptance for using force to expel any of the aboriginals from colonized regions. Historian \ James Borris noted what follows: “At such time, it became possible to kill any
    aboriginal citizen legally without committing anything except passing un-demarcated borders that were not even demarcated by the government).
    Such semi-genocide implement against the aboriginals of Tasmania was named as a genocide by historians including Robert Hughes, James Boyce, Lindal Rayan, Tom Lawson. Hughes described the killing of the aboriginals as the only actual genocide in the
    English Colonial History.
    Some people thought that such matter stopped at such extremist limit of genocide exercised by the occupants and colonials against the Australian aboriginals. However, with the coming of the year 1901, parliament passed and approved “Immigration
    Restriction Law” which prevents the Asian Immigration to Australia; particularly the immigration of the people of Pacific Ocean Islands. The term “Australia’s White Policy” was used on a large extent to include a group of historical policies
    aiming at preventing persons from non-European racial origin; particularly The Asians and people from Pacific Ocean Islands from immigrating into Australia. So, the Australian government could apply the principle of White Australia. It largely went
    beyond that extent when it began to deport the workers coming from Pacific Ocean Islands to their countries. It began to encourage the owners of the farms to hire white workers by providing a financial aid for each farmer complying with such policy.

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