• The Home Improvement guy - at the game?

    From forwardorder161@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Fri Mar 10 13:34:15 2017
    Cant believe I stumbled on this 23 years on.
    I am trying to prove to a mate that 'Al Borland' once visited Bunnings, this thread helps but I need more proof.
    I am certain the hardware store Al visited was Bunnings Sunshine.
    Does anyone have any photos or newspaper articles of that day?
    Going on what I read fron the original post if it was the Friday before th G/F it would have been 30th Sep 1994. I am sure that was the opening day of the store, which was the first Bunnings "warehouse" in Aus. They made a big deal of it all over the
    news that day.
    Anyway I know wont get a response but was funny finding this.

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