• referee signal for illegal set by libero

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    Hi all,

    I referee in the National League in Scotland, which gets underway this weekend
    (well, the National Cup does, for any pedants out there - the league doesn't start until October).

    Scotland didn't adopt the new rule-changes last season, as was our right, as the competition was still in progress. However, the amendments have been ratified for this season. I have to officiate a match on Saturday, and I have
    an urgent question.


    What is the referee signal for an illegal set by the libero. e.g. libero enters the front zone, sets the ball "with the fingers" above the height of the
    net, and the front row attacker creams it. The FIVB rules which I downloaded from the site in Switzerland don't seem to make mention of it. I would go on instinct with the "illegal back row attacker" signal, but that doesn't seem to
    be right.

    I've even spoken with our top officials on this, and they've never come across
    it. Can anyone _please_ shed some light and tell me what the signal is, either
    here in the group, or by private mail. I just know that, sure as fate, someone
    is going to come up with this one on Saturday, and I'll make the wrong signal,
    and wreck my entire season.


    Steve Scott
    Falkirk VC, Scotland


    Does the word anywhere above the top of the net...applies consistently to all of the back playing court zone and extension ? .....likely when the attack hit was done in the backcourt zone behind the attack line ....or very far from the net ...how about
    in the serving area or outside the lines back and side....

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