• 5 Cuban volleyball players imprisoned for rape in Finland

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    HELSINKI Five Cuban volleyball players on Tuesday were
    convicted of raping a Finnish woman during the Volleyball World
    League championship in Tampere, Finland.

    A court in Tampere handed four of the players _ Rolando Cepeda
    Abreu, Abraham Alfonso Gavilan, Ricardo Norberto Calvo Manzano
    and Osmany Santiago Uriarte Mestre _ a five-year jail term, and
    sentenced a fifth _ Luis Tomas Sosa Sierra _ to three-and-a-half
    years in prison.

    The convicts were also ordered to pay 24,000 euros ($26,810) in
    crime victim compensation.

    According to the court's decision, three of those convicted
    admitted during trial to having had sexual intercourse with the
    victim, although they claimed it had been with her consent,
    something she consistently denied.

    The other two athletes denied having had any sexual contact with
    the victim, although the court did not believe their sworn
    statements and also sentenced them on aggravated rape charges.

    The court said the statements by the accused during both their
    questioning and the trial were contradictory, which undermined
    the credibility of their version of the events.

    On the other hand, the court absolved a sixth Cuban athlete,
    Dariel Albo Miranda, from having participated in the same crime.

    Miranda was exonerated due to lack of evidence, and he returned
    to Cuba following his hearing in court.

    According to the court, Miranda had recommended his colleagues
    hide any trace of the crime, but his participation in the rape
    could not be proven.

    The felony was committed on July 2 in a hotel in Tampere, 180
    kilometers (112 miles) to the north of Helsinki, where the Cuban
    national volleyball team was lodged during its visit to Finland
    to take part in the FIVB Volleyball World League.

    According to a witness cited by local media, one of the Cuban
    players approached the victim after midnight outside the hotel,
    near a busy nightclub.

    Later in the night, the victim accompanied the player to his
    room, where his roommate was waiting, and other members of the
    national team soon joined.

    In the early hours of the morning, the victim reported the gang
    rape crime to local police, who over the weekend arrested a
    total of eight players.

    After questioning all suspects, police freed two of the athletes
    without charging them, while requesting pre-trial detention for
    the other six.

    A few days later, a court ordered the accused be jailed until
    their trial, due to a high risk of them fleeing the country and
    the serious nature of the alleged crime.

    A court hearing was held before an investigating magistrate
    behind closed doors between August 29-31 in Tampere with the aid
    of several Spanish interpreters.

    After their hearings, the court ordered the immediate release of
    Dariel Albo Miranda, who shortly thereafter returned to Cuba,
    and kept the other five in prison.

    The incident struck a severe blow to the Cuban volleyball team's
    participation in the Rio Olympics, since the scandal compelled
    the Caribbean island's federation to replace the coach and half
    the team a few weeks before the Games.

    The Cuban team eventually lost all five matches it played in
    Rio, being soundly defeated by Russia, Egypt, Iran, Argentina
    and Poland, and winning just a single set during the entire

    http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/news/2016/09/20/5-cuban- volleyball-players-imprisoned-for-rape-in-finland/

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