• Epee Fencing for Children

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    My family recently moved into Rotterdam and will be a year here. I
    would like to enroll my son, Luka into one of the local fencing clubs (Rotterdam, Delft/Den Hague). Luka is 8 years old (turning 9 at the end
    of August), and has been fencing epee stye for 1.5 years at Olympia
    Fencing Center in Cambridge, MA, USA (http://olympiafencingcenter.com/)
    Could you please let me know if your club does epee style, and if you
    have classes for kids.

    I'm from MD. My local club, Baltimore Fencing Center, does epee and
    has classes in epee, but only for "adults" ages 12 and up. I don't
    know if that's just because there isn't much local demand for youth
    epee, or if there is some deeper reason. I have heard it said that
    it's best to start people with foil, and only switch to epee or sabre
    later, since the skills are easier to transfer in that direction.

    - Morty

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