• Reasons to Dislike Tara Lipinski

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    How anyone can think she's been lucky is beyond me.

    It is certainly true that after her win at Nagano, she did not have good luck. Due to health reasons or injuries, she had to cut her figure skating career short.

    If one were to - in jest, rather than seriously - look for reasons to dislike Tara Lipinski, though, I have found one! She spells her name wrong!!

    Yes, she is really Tara Lipiński, but by never using the accent on the N in her
    last name, she is betraying her Polish heritage!

    However, I see from an article about her that she wears a St. Thérèse de Lisieux
    medal, so apparently she takes her faith seriously, and presumably that means she is conscious of her Polish heritage as well, even if she bows to the convenience of American typesetters.

    Incidentally, she is at least the second, rather than the first, famous and talented Lipiński. Karol Lipiński was a violin virtuoso second only to the legendary Paganini in his day. The Stradivarius and Guarneri violins that passed
    through his hands are still named after him.

    John Savard

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