• Well,this is it

    From Fritz Wuehler@21:1/5 to All on Wed Dec 23 11:46:31 2020
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    It might not pass after all, as Trump is threatening to veto the stimulus bill it is attached to becuase it does not have some things that he wants in it.

    Even then I may still have to cash out because California is considering taxing "unrealized" gains

    That, and the proposed wealth tax (though my crypto will come in well below that, unless Bitcoin has a sudden explosion in value), is to be expected from the COMMIES running California

    California is the first COMMUNIST state in the Union. California's political establishment is INFESTED with COMMIES.

    I liked it when one radio host on a station in Oregon called Gavin Newsom a commie, sometime back.

    I also liked it when he called Kamala Harris a Commie. She was born and raised in Oakland, which is been run by Commies longer than just about anywhere in the state. We are about to have a COMMIE a "heartbeat away from the Presidency", and that should
    scare the SHIT out of ANYONE.

    It is any wonder companies are leaving California, they are SICK AND TIRED of the COMMUNIST state in California.

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