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    That is why I say open up the economy NOW, like the virus burn
    population and burn itself out naturally. That is the ONLY way were
    going to get rid of Covid 19.
    My radio station DID accept payments in cryptocurrencies

    So fucking what? What does your imaginary radio station have to do with
    anything in this conversation?
    My radio station DID exist.

    All that existed was a webpage where you illegally streamed music.

    The music was licensed through Live 365 and LoudCity

    I DID broadcast some sports, and did take payment in cryptocurrencies

    I also ran a VPN service on the side,


    Yes I did.

    And it is a good thing I did block porn, hate speech, and other material not suitable for children, becuase I did see a LOT of connections, at times,
    coming from high schools in the USA, going to Twitter and Facebook.

    The way I did it, I could see where they were going while logged on, but as soon they logged of, they went poof, as no permanent logs were kept

    Taking payments in cryptocurrencies allowed users to be completely anonymous and untraceable, part of the purpose of allowing someone to bypass school or work firewalls to get things like Internet radio and the like, but still keeping things that SHOULD be kept out of the office, like porn and gambling sites, out. If done right, cryptocurreny payments cannot be traced back to
    the sender.

    My service was designed to allow people to bypass firewalls at school or
    work, but do it sittting behind my filters, which wuold keep out anything
    that might damage a network. I woild block all ads to protect networks from malware and viruses

    Some scripts that detect and block ad blockers users, I could stop by simply telling my firewall to block URL that contined "jquery" in it, so those
    sites would never detect that yuo were using an adblocker. As far as I was concerned, if webmasters did not like that, they could all go to hell.

    I had serveal filters ont he service running at one. One of the filtering vendors we used had the Portland Ice Skating Society webpage blocked under a few categories. Pdxiss.org was blocked by Bess and Websense.

    That is something I don't Terry and the folks as PDXISS want to hear, but a couple of them did have PDXISS in their filtering lists.

    The "Adult" category on one filter blocked content that was not porngraphic, but still adult in nature.

    Some figure skaters they regarded as "sex symbols" when they were in their prime had their pages blocked. That included Nicole Bobeck,. and that IS the correct spelling of her name becuase one of the filters that had keyword blocking had her name spelt that way. "Bobeck" is the correct spelling on
    her name, becuase that is how one filttering provider had it. I am right and they are right, Nicole's name is spelt "Bobeck"

    I once had to do manual override to allow Donald Trump's campaign sites, as
    one provider had him down as hate speech.

    I don't care WHAT that one provider thought. Trump is NOT a racist ANY way.
    Why THEY thouight he is a racist is beyond me.

    One filtering provider had AOC blocked under the "communism" category. As
    far as THEY were concerned, AOC is a Communist. AOC and Bernie are Commies
    as far as they are concerned.

    Rashida Taib and Illhan Omar are blocked under the "Crime and Criminal
    Skills" category becuase both of them are seen as supportive of terrorism by that filtering company.

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