• Katia the brave one NOT!!

    From Claire@21:1/5 to Tracy Colavito on Tue Jun 23 06:01:52 2020
    On Thursday, January 21, 1999 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-5, Tracy Colavito wrote:
    I haven't written many messages but I have been reading this newsgroup
    for a while. A while ago Ann Lewis said something to the effect of,
    "Katia has milked her husbands death for all it is worth." I agree with this. She would not be a millionaire if Sergei had not died. If it was
    the other way around and Katia had died, I would guess that Sergei would
    have taken Dasha back to Russia with him, and maybe he would have become
    a coach. Katia has sometimes used the excuse that "oh sergei would be
    proud of me" yeah right Sergei knows exactly what she is doing.

    I can't believe the hatefulness of the comments I am seeing. How nasty and judgmental. Katia WAS already a millionaire before Sergei passed. She loved her husband very much. She loved him pretty much all of her life. Does it not occur to people that
    suffering a huge loss might have made her want to throw herself into work or even try to find love again? She has a beautiful loving relationship with her daughter and kept Sergei's memory alive for her.

    Both of Katia's daughters love her very much. Where is people's compassion. Just because she was in the spotlight doesn't mean she loved it more than skating, or her f'n family. jeez I hope no one ever tears you to shreds like this without knowing a
    thing about you. Am I reading a bunch of hate bots?

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