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    The Portlandian, the Internet's premier source of Tonya News

    April 18, 2020 Edition -
    (C) 2020 Portland Ice Skating Society
    http://www.pdxiss.org *****************************************************************

    Welcome to another edition of The Portlandian. We hope everybody
    had a great Easter, even if the bunny didn't manage to always get
    through with his eggs this year. Oh, to return to 2019, when
    viruses were things that affected computers.

    Like most of us at the moment, Tonya isn't doing much (unless
    she's got something in the can she hasn't mentioned). But just
    because you can't go out doesn't mean that there isn't plenty for
    the quarantined Tonyaphile to see, hear, read and do. For
    instance, you can:

    - watch "I, Tonya" again;

    - watch all of Tonya's skating videos on YouTube;

    - watch "The Price of Gold" again;

    - watch "I, Tonya" again;

    - watch Tonya on "Dancing with the Stars";

    - read Sarah Marshall's "Remote Control" article again, and
    listen to her podcast on Tonya;

    - watch "I, Tonya" again;

    - read "Fire On Ice" and "Thin Ice", two quicky books from 1994
    about Tonya that have been reissued as e-books a couple of years

    - watch the "Tonya & Nancy: The Inside Story", the 1994 TV movie;

    - watch "I, Tonya" again;

    - watch "Breakaway", Tonya's 1996 action flick;

    - watch Tonya win "Worst Cooks" again;

    - watch "I, Tonya" again;

    And if that lot isn't enough to keep you going, we've got a pile
    of things we've found online to keep you busy, including some new
    photos, old news items, some of Tonya's skating music, an
    analysis of her boxing career, a rare appearance at a wrestling
    match, and the usual roundup of Tonya fan art. Because who needs
    to binge on Netflix when you've got T-Flix instead?


    Readers will recall that bit over a year ago, Tonya spoke at a
    fundraising event for the Domestic Violence Clinic at the
    University of Oregon in Eugene. Some pictures of the event were
    posted on Tonya's Instagram account.

    Now someone who attended has sent us some more pictures of Tonya
    at that event which have not been seen before:

    Tonya speaking:


    Tonya in a selfie with some of the organizers:


    Tonya with an autographed skate:


    Our benefactor says:

    "I thought you might enjoy the attached photos, some of which
    are of Tonya, which are from the presentation she gave last
    year at the Domestic Violence Clinic at the University of
    Oregon. I attended Tonya's presentation. It was a bit of a
    drive as I live in Washington state, the same state where
    Tonya now lives. I made the drive, though, both because I'm a
    fan of Tonya's and because domestic violence is an important
    issue that affects many families, including my own."

    We would like to thank him for his generosity in sharing these
    with us.


    More and more Tonya-related news footage has emerged from the
    archives in recent years. Here's some of it:

    - this site has a few short but rare news clips from Portland
    stations like KGW and KATU relating to Tonya, including the
    triple axel. Because as Tonyaphiles, we're honorary Portlanders


    - a 70 minute compilation of news reports about you-know-what
    from Detroit station WJBK - this reporting won them an award:


    - part of Shawn Eckardt's interview with Diane Sawyer that was
    recreated in "I, Tonya". Yes, he really was as out there as
    portrayed in the movie:


    - Tonya reinstated? Fake news unfortunately, done as a school



    One of the memorable features of a lot of Tonya's programs was
    her unique choice of music, often going for rock and pop at the
    time when classical was the favored genre for skating.

    LAV audio productions have re-created the music edits from a
    number of famous skating programs, including three of Tonya's:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUbc5rBMgeI (93/94 SP - Much Ado
    About Nothing)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4KMM0QB3VQ (93/94 LP - Jurassic

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkG8c5aqc20 (91/92 SP - People
    Are Still Having Sex - complete with the original clunky edits)

    Somebody's also done the same for Tonya's 1990/91 LP music
    (Batman) - albeit in mono:


    and also Tonya's 1991/92 LP - Robin Hood


    Meanwhile, back in August 2014 at the Skate Houston Invitational,
    12 year old Catherine Gooch decided to have a go at re-using
    "Jurassic Park":


    Finally, it was probably inevitable that someone would do this:
    they've synced up Tonya's 1991 Nationals triple axel performance
    to "The Passenger" by Siouxsie and the Banshees in a replication
    of the end credits of the movie. What's interesting is that it
    actually works quite well. Pity it's also not in stereo:


    We're still waiting for somebody to skate again to "People Are
    Still Having Sex", particularly now that vocals are allowed in


    One aspect of Tonya's life that is often overlooked is her short-
    lived boxing career of the mid-2000s, which, if it's remembered
    at all, is generally not viewed very favorably. If you've ever
    tried to find any footage of it on YouTube, you'll know that
    there isn't much out there, and it's often only short clips, but
    here is what we've managed to dig up.

    First up is the thing that started it all - Tonya fighting Paula
    Jones on "Fox Celebrity Boxing" in 2002, albeit with Round Two


    Next is Tonya's pro boxing debut, against Samantha Browning at
    the Memphis Pyramid in February 2003 (ignore the sound, it's from
    something else):


    Then we've got a very short clip of Tonya vs Amy Johnson on June
    25, 2004 in Edmonton, Canada. Team Tonya protested the result,
    saying that the fight should have been stopped by the referee in
    the second round after Johnson was knocked down, and also
    complained of other unfair tactics:


    Interestingly, womenboxing.com (WBAN) sided with Tonya, agreeing
    that the bout should have been stopped and given to her, saying:

    Beside the fact that the fight "obvious" to most should have
    ended in a second round TKO for Harding the winner, it was
    truly bewildering that the referee of the Harding-Johnson
    fight, did not honor the fact that Johnson waved her hands to
    quit (similarly to how refs wave their hands when they stop a
    fight), and taking her own mouth piece out of her mouth
    wanting "no mas". To add insult to injury, it appears that
    the ref did not seem to pay attention to the fact that Johnson
    was smearing and (lacing) her gloves in Hardingís face.

    WBAN later awarded Johnson its "Dirty Fighter" award for that
    year, saying "This cannot go to none other than Edmonton's Amy
    Johnson. WBAN was in disbelief when we viewed the fight tape
    and watched Johnson fighting Tonya Harding with dirty tactics
    as trying to lace/scrap with her gloves on Harding's face."



    In the wake of the release of "I, Tonya", it seems that celebrity
    boxing promoter Damon Feldman decided he could milk more money
    out of her. He sold this footage to TMZ of a knockout punch by
    Tonya in a bout with pro-wrestler turned boxer Brittney Drake in
    January 2005. Not surprisingly, Tonya won this one:


    In a more light-hearted vein is this match against Doug Stanhope
    on Comedy Central's "The Man Show" in May 2004:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egc_TCbREyo (training)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmN3PvcEYD8 (weigh-in)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jG8MGeX-Rdc (fight)

    Our report on the match at the time can be found at

    http://pdxiss.org/port59.htm - back then we wrote:

    Early in May Comedy Central aired the episode of "The Man
    Show" that Tonya recorded back in March. In order to promote
    the show, Tonya embarked on an ambitious media blitz that saw
    her doing dozens of radio interviews over two days in late
    April involving stations from across the entire country. In
    addition, a clip from the match was broadcast on the "Tonite
    Show With Jay Leno" on NBC in early May during an interview
    with one of the show's hosts.

    Tonya fights three rounds with the show's host, Doug Stanhope.
    In radio interviews Tonya gave the impression that lots of fun
    was had by all.

    Arguably, the chief problem with Tonya's boxing career was simply
    that she started too late - at age 32, it was difficult to find
    opponents of both similar age and experience, which meant she was
    usually fighting women who were either much younger or much more
    experienced than her. Nevertheless, excluding gimmick matches
    like the Drake and Paula Jones fights, Tonya's boxing record
    stands at 4 wins and 3 losses (one of which should arguably have
    also been a win). Which, we would submit, is not too shabby, and
    far from the complete disaster that many often remember it as:


    Perhaps if she had started boxing eight years earlier,
    immediately after she was banned from figure skating she would
    have made a better fist of it, if you'll pardon the pun, and had
    a successful career in this area.


    Boxing wasn't the first time that Tonya exchanged the rink for
    the ring, however. Back in June 1994 she acted as celebrity
    "manager" for a local Portland wrestling team, "Los Gringos
    Locos", which consisted of Eddie Guerrero & Art Barr, also known
    as "The American Love Machine". We've come across some ultra-rare
    footage of this one-off appearance that's never been widely seen

    The press conference, including some midget wrestlers.
    Unfortunately the sound isn't too hot:


    Tonya with Eddie Guerrero and The Love Machine as they enter the


    The actual wrestling match, at the Clark County fairgrounds near
    Vancouver, WA. on June 22nd 1994. Guerrero & Barr teamed with
    "Bruiser Brian" for a six-man tag team match against Blue
    Panther, Konnan, and Perro Aguayo. We've linked to the point
    where Tonya comes into view. She can be seen sitting on a chair
    on the catwalk that leads to the ring several other times
    throughout the match:


    Los Gringos Locos were regarded as "heels" (bad guys), so they
    were clearly trying to trade on Tonya's notoriety with her
    presence, for which she was reportedly paid five grand. Tonya
    frankly looks completely bewildered by it all, to be honest.
    Several days later she would be banned for life from skating.

    More info on Barr, who died shortly afterwards, ironically from
    the effects of being hit from behind by a fan with a folding
    metal chair:




    Once again the system screws up - Richard Callaghan has had his
    lifetime ban for abusing young skaters reduced down to a three-
    year suspension:


    For those out there who aren't familiar with this story,
    Callaghan was a prominent skating coach in the last decades of
    the 20th century. Two of his most famous pupils were Tara
    Lipinski & Todd Eldredge.

    In 1999, one of his former pupils, Craig Maurizi, filed a
    grievance with the USFSA claiming that Callaghan had sexually
    abused him back in the 70s and 80s. The USFSA tossed the
    grievance claim out on a technicality without looking at it
    because it wasn't filed within a 60-day deadline. Arguably this
    was incorrect as the grievance was filed under a different rule
    that didn't specify a time limit. Here's our reports of it from
    that time:


    Fast-forward to 2017: in the wake of the Nassar scandal in
    gymnastics, the U.S. government creates the Center for Safe
    Sport, a body that has the jurisdiction to investigate these
    types of complaints. Unlike the USFSA, SafeSport has no statute
    of limitations and can go back as far as it likes, so in 2018
    Maurizi refiles his original complaint against Callaghan with

    After an in-depth investigation, SafeSport determines that
    Callaghan abused a number of skaters physically and sexually,
    including Maurizi. Callaghan is then given a lifetime ban from
    the sport.

    However, Callaghan appeals and an arbitrator is brought in, who
    reduces the penalty to a 3-year suspension, with 15 years
    probation and 100 hours of community service, citing a now-
    repealed New York law which required "corroboration" for certain
    sex offenses - a law which the arbritrator himself describes as
    "absurd and draconian". This makes Callaghan able to return to
    coaching as soon as 2022.

    Mauriziís attorney has slammed the decision, telling ABC News and
    ESPN that it contains "glaring errors" and displays a
    "fundamental misunderstanding of the law and a willful blindness
    as to the nature of Richard Callaghanís years-long predation
    against my client."

    This is not the first time that SafeSport has proven itself an
    impotent and useless joke. Back in January last year, two-time
    U.S. Pairs champion John Coughlin committed suicide after he
    received an interim suspension from SafeSport. Christine Brennan
    of "USA Today" reported that he was facing three accusations of
    sexual abuse, two of them involving minors. However with the
    death of Coughlin, SafeSport decided there was nothing left to
    investigate and closed its file on the case, despite a host of
    unanswered questions about how Coughlin was able to get away with
    his predatory behavior for so long.

    Fortunately Callaghan is not out of the woods yet - he also faces
    another SafeSport investigation and a civil lawsuit filed by Adam
    Schmidt, another former pupil, who claims he was also abused.
    Worth noting is that Schmidt's abuse allegedly occurred AFTER the
    USFSA's dismissal of the Maurizi complaint. The lawsuit also
    names the USFSA and Onyx Ice Arena in Detroit, where Callaghan
    taught Schmidt, as defendants. The USFSA can also ban Callaghan
    independently irrespective of the SafeSport decision, but in
    their typical style has dodged the issue, saying "The U.S. Center
    for SafeSport has exclusive jurisdiction in these matters," and
    "U.S. Figure Skating is required to and will enforce all
    decisions of the Center."

    Hopefully he'll just get blackballed unofficially like Tonya did
    and won't be able to get any work. Allowing Callaghan to coach
    your kid is like hiring Roman Polanski to babysit your 13-year
    old daughter.


    And now it's time for our regular feature of Tonya-related
    artwork. First up is a pair of rare Incident-themed works, rare
    in that they are some of the few we've come across that feature
    Nancy without Tonya.

    Molly Steadman recreates the iconic Newsweek cover:

    - https://www.instagram.com/p/B4Oac7PhHys/

    yoyo.destiny - "Why Me" t-shirt. She says:

    "When I was 11, I typed a letter to Nancy Kerrigan on a word
    proccessor. It was a page and a half long and the whole gist
    was basically how 'when you get better - we gon' run up on
    Tonya Harding and beat'er ass.'
    Proving, I've always been a writer with a wild imagination and
    an insatiable appetite for pop culture."

    - https://www.instagram.com/p/B1b0rhzn7Cn/

    Annette Rasmussen - poem and triple axel drawing:

    - https://www.instagram.com/p/B78L4hph9Z9/

    acollett748 - an alternative "I, Tonya" poster, perhaps?

    - https://www.instagram.com/p/B71y_MXgxU2/

    Louisa Esposito has done a rotoscoped animation of the TV footage
    of Tonya's 1991 Nationals Long Program - though, unfortunately,
    not the triple axel itself:

    - https://www.instagram.com/p/B7yLeSxh29J/

    miss.crepuscular - a couple of skating drawings, one of Tonya's
    Jurassic Park program at Lillehammer, the other of her skate at a
    Reno hockey match in 1997:

    - https://www.instagram.com/p/B7tn8USJIGL/

    its.tenshi - a pencil sketch of Margot as Tonya:

    - https://www.instagram.com/p/B7lDsbHJA3s/

    _miiyaw_ - another pencil sketch of Tonya:

    - https://www.instagram.com/p/B7dT_EWlRNv/

    marlio.n - a beautiful color portrait of Tonya skating:

    - https://www.instagram.com/p/B7G1pwtIANC/

    angelstururu - the diner scene:

    - https://www.instagram.com/p/B7EX2RyKggr/

    _tractmarks - terrible Tonya (the courtroom scene):

    - https://www.picuki.com/media/2246040934310790243

    acuriousquirrel (Tessa Sheehan) - smoking Tonya sketch:

    - https://www.instagram.com/p/B61KvgfjHqa/

    sydscribbels (pretty face and portland based) - a triple axel
    sketch of the hometown heroine:

    - https://www.instagram.com/p/B6kISmpJA4S/

    princealvy_1 (Alvaro Ramirez) - a skate-shaped Christmas
    decoration, from the look of it:

    - https://www.instagram.com/p/B6KISLZhzx5/

    jeanned108 - an alternative movie poster:

    - https://www.instagram.com/p/B6HURshFUn_/

    scorpinelle - Sebastian Stan as Jeff:

    - https://www.instagram.com/p/B5lE6YCphlf/

    mike_tofanelli - Tonya as a leather-jacketed 50's "greaser":

    - https://www.instagram.com/p/B4xpV7RjQWV/

    cute_fun_trash (Beautiful Basura) Oakland, CA. Broken shoelace

    - https://www.instagram.com/p/B5jxevRhEU2/

    Rachel O'Donnell of Los Angeles has done a couple of Tonya

    - https://www.instagram.com/p/B52_ffcF07b/ (broke shoelace)

    Broken Laces - the last piece of my @therealtonyaharding mini
    series. Measuring 8Ē x 10Ē, this acrylic on canvas piece
    depicts the broken laces incident during the 1994 Olympics [see
    third slide for the video].?? When I first started this series,
    I was bracing for backlash but whatís amazing is how the
    majority of people now connect + sympathize with Tonyaís
    struggles with the deep-seated classism and misogyny of the
    80ís + 90ís. Iím also drawn to this huge episode of American
    culture as itís truly camp. Itís rhinestones, sequins and
    tears; a truly human drama wrapped up in layers of cultural
    absurdity. I love to explore icons with my work + Tonya Harding
    is truly an American icon of mythic proportions

    https://www.instagram.com/p/B5VhHvTl0bO/ (Olympic practice)

    NEW little painting [12Ē x 8Ē] of Tonya Harding. For those who
    donít know, sheís the 1st American woman to successfully land
    a triple Axel in competition (swipe to see this amazing moment
    from 1991). I love to paint complicated figures + thereís a lot
    to say about her but Iíll let the work speak for itself - image
    inspired by photos taken of her during a practice skate at the

    A couple of artworks inspired by the mirror scene from the movie:

    uncleemily (emily mata art)

    - https://www.instagram.com/p/B6is9lLAQO1/

    Katrina Macias - melodramatic_melon

    - https://www.instagram.com/p/B48Zbz8jmUq/

    Game face. Ever since I saw I, Tonya the other day Iíve been
    obsessed! (Now if this portrait is ugly to you and a little
    unnerving, good thatís the point) I love this scene because you
    see Harding getting ready to skate for a crowd of people who
    basically hate her and you feel for her. Now this isnít my best
    piece but I experimented and Iím proud of it! Again I loved
    this movie, Margot Robbie was stunning as the incredibly
    talented Tonya Harding! Expect my next few pieces to be nothing
    but fan art for this movie and for this incredible skater! My
    next piece will be of the actual Tonya Harding in what I like
    to call can you see me now pose! @therealtonyaharding

    This next one's a bit R-rated - Big Al's Little Ladies of Chicago
    has some drawings of a nude Tonya & Nancy skating as part of a
    series of what appear to possibly be temporary tattoos:

    - https://www.instagram.com/p/B4vp1YCl6iq/
    - https://www.instagram.com/p/B4y5w8pFrpD/

    And to finish off, Silja Jocher of Basel, Switzerland has done a
    very weird Tonya painting:

    - https://www.instagram.com/p/B4QaPEdl-9t/


    PortIce - http://www.pdxiss.org
    David House - http://www.tonyaharding.org
    Charlie Main - http://www.charliesweb.com/tonya/tonya.html
    Puppetboy - http://www.usapaul.net/tonya/
    Valerie Smith - http://www.olywa.net/radu/valerie/LilHam.html
    Swan Lake - http://members.tripod.com/~TonyaHarding/index.html
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