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    Mr. Nelson,
    I was looking up Clinchers because a guy I knew named Dave invented them in the 80's.
    He was a athlete in several sports. In college he excelled on the rings in gymnastics.
    The gloves for the rings had a similar locking effect. That is where he came up with the concept.
    He gave me a pair when my sister and I went to his parents home.
    My sister was dating his brother.
    I don't know how the ownership evolved to where it is now.
    However, I do know the original design was heaven.
    I am someone with naturally legges, but wimpy hands and arms.
    With Clinchers I water skied all over Powell. I never had problems with letting go. Heck I even hand long 1980's hooker looking nais and cot the tips off so I wouldn't have to cut them. Needless to say, I didn't even break a nail.
    I loved water skiing, (past tence only because of non relayed issues leaving me handicapped)
    Clinchers made it so I could do what I love for hours on end, instead of a couple hours spread out.
    I don't know how they went from him to the currant corporation, or if the glove design has changed, all I know is the urinals where fabulous!
    Lisa Thornton

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