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    Hi guys, I have a question for some of you seasoned water-skiers. I am looking to buy a boat for some casual water-skiing...may look at an older boat...what is the minimum h.p. I need to be able to tow a skier (say, a 200 pound man)? Can I get by with a 50? or do I need at least a 60 or 70? I
    know that there are many variables involved, weight of skier, age of motor, hull design, etc. But your thoughts would be appreciated.
    Another question, do you need more h.p. for slalom skiing? Or is it pretty much the same requirements as 2 skis.
    Thanks for your help

    This is way late to help weasel, but I’ll post in case others have a similar question. During the late 70’s the neighbors pulled some college aged boys who looked like they might be on the football team behind a 14’ aluminum boat with a 60’s
    vintage 18 hp. Evinrude. Years later I have a 14’ boat that I bought a 1978 25 hp Johnson thinking I could ski behind it, no way is that motor going to get me up! Maybe if I start off the dock with a slack towline, I don’t know. I was told the
    older motors had lower gears and larger propellers.
    About that time my neighbor had a 55hp Chrysler on a15’ cathedral hull (Yarcraft I think) and I had a1969 Johnson 55hp on a 16’ semi v aluminum hull, the old Johnson was a superior water skier puller. The Johnson had a through hub exhaust and a
    larger propeller. So it seems the hp. rating alone is not going to tell the whole story!

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