• When did ski boat Mfg go all Fiberglass?

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    On Sunday, July 21, 1996 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, Seajmlvt wrote:
    Has anyone heard of Grady-White boats? Hatteras? Cougar offshore racing catamarans, turbine powered hydroplanes? These boats use encapsulated wood stringers. They are offshore capable. Several have top speeds in excess of 100 MPH with 1000+ hp. I guess they just suck. Enjoy your life and this sport. Ignore the marketing. Continue skiing, boarding, tubing,
    etc...,and most importantly, JUST HAVE FUN!!!

    Get a clue- Most run in salt water- Duh, no dry rot. Ever seen a wood Chris craft? Or other wood boat- rock salt in the bottom to avoid dry rot. If you have a skier get in and out 20 times a day that is a lot of water and if any penetration point to the
    stringer then dry rot. Oh fiberglass is permeable with water! Epoxy not so much. What is the resin your boat was made with? Don't be an idiot! Wish I was on this subject when it came out!

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