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    On Saturday, September 23, 2000 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, Dave Dent wrote:
    Here are the courses I know around Portland:
    1. Warman Lake - I've been skiing there for 3 years. The owner is great,
    the people are friendly. The owner, Ron, has a hottub and really top notch facilities. The URL does a good job of providing contact info and
    facilities http://www.warmanlake.com/
    2. Tug Lake - next to Warman Lake. Have some friends who ski there and like it. Owner is Steve Adams Ph 503-666-1112
    3. Mint Lake - owned by Scott Thompson. Great Guy. Good club, it's just a little farther from PDX. I don't have Scott's number handy but can find it
    if necessary.
    4. Willamette River Course - Near Newberg - Run by Marcus Neff. Great guy. Course is tucked away where few people take their boats but if you know the river, the skiing is pretty good for a non-manmade lake. It's only
    available the summer months b/c the waterflow is high during the winter. Marcus' work number is 503-692-6660
    5. Line Off Lake - owner is Hank Grass but run by the Blue Heron Ski Club. Located in Banks OR, it's about 20 miles west of Portland. This group has a "special" membership procedure and club personality so a number of people living in Hillsboro (8 miles away) drive almost 1 hour to ski at Warman
    Lake. You will want to form your own opinion. If you need more info, send
    me a private note. President is Jim Fielding @ 503-283-5224.
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    If you would like to ski at a private site there are several in Southern Washington. Warman Lake is in Vancouver and the web addy is www.warmanlake.com. Koppert Lake is in Toledo, WA which is a little
    but you can always get in ski time in the mornings during the week without much notice.


    "Chris" <toad...@aol.com> wrote in message news:8qdt9s$b...@news.or.intel.com...
    Hi all,

    I'm moving up to the Portland, OR area and would like to get some suggestions on where to slalom. I've been out to Hagg Lake (west of
    Grove) and on the Willamette for open water skiing a couple times.
    is great unless you're there in the very early morning (true of a lot of places).

    Are there any ski lakes in the area (or any place with a course)? How
    southern Washington?


    Hey Dave,
    My name is Dave also. I saw your post listing all the slalom lakes in the Portland area. I just moved here and bought a house in Newberg. I'm only 10 minutes from the Newberg boat launch. I called the number you listed for Marcus to get info on the
    course near there but I'm told they don't have a Marcus there. Is there anyone else I can contact about the course? Also I'm looking for people to ski with as I don't know anyone. Is there a way to meet up with water skiers in the area?

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